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24 Jan 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone.

I have had a Veritas Excel for around 8 months now. Ever since installation it has been nothing but trouble. It's not the installers fault, just the system. Alot of the time to begin with in the evenings it would trip randomly and on the event log would state RKP OFFLINE and a second later RKP ONLINE. I know now this is the keypad. I could disable alarm and go back to bed no worries. The problem got worse. Now the screen started to go blank and we could not press anything at all or disable the alarm but the backlight was on, just no text displayed. Eventually it would come back online and the alarm would stop by itself (almost like it was recognising what we were inputting when screen was off). Now it does the blank screen thing but instead of going off when comes back on...we get ADDR 6 LID SHUT with the tamper light on. This is no fun as the external sounder goes off too and at 0700, I'm not neighbour No1! Called the installer round to have a look and he disconnected the external sounder on my request due to the noise, obviously. He hadn't seen this issue before with the screen blank and addr 6 etc so he is going to call texecom as I cannot.

If anyone has ANY help with this, I would really really appreciate any help please! All I want to do is rip it all out and be done with it but with young children in the house, it does give my wife peace of mind in the night time.

Thanks alot!


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What investigation work has your installer done?
Checked all connections are secure
Checked and tested keypad cable.
Checked for induced voltage on keypad cable.and system
checks can prove different things.
Yes you can have faulty equipment, but need to test first.
sounds like there is an issue with either the keypad or the cable from the panel to the keypad, do you have more than one keypad on the system and what is the address of the keypad on the system (6 I would guess) not done a veritas excel address lid shut issue for a very long time.

What is the power at the keypad?
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Hi lads, thanks for the quick replies.

I have just the 1 panel by the door.

This was a brand new system. Wired in my electricians on rewire and the panel and system was finished by an alarm guy. When it working it works fine.

What do you mean what is the power at the keypad sorry?? It has power.

He hasn't done many checks. He popped round to have a quick look at everything and check the keypad for issues. He's going to call texecom for support. Should hear back from him in a couple of days.

Voltage but if you dont have a multimeter you wont be able to test it.
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Hi lads,

My installer got back to me. He has phoned texecom and with all the information I have him he passed on...they came back and said that the quality of cable used is the issue apparently. His rectification is going to be to double up cores on data terminals t and r.

What you think?
better to run new quality cable if the cable is rubbish ?

what cable was the installer using?
how long is the cable run?
Has electrian ran alarm cables with mains cable when doing rewire ?
As said, need to check for induced voltage on wires.
Put keypad on a temporary cable to prove if fault goes away.
Why is he going to double up cable ?
All the same cable was used and it was the cable which came with the kit from codiac.

They did run all the cables however they were not right next to eachother, they were run separated.

Not sure what he is planning on doing mate?

So he needs to check the voltage on the cable first? Will he know to do that, don't want to tell him what to do lol


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CQR CCA 6 core cable is adequate for most domestics to be fair and CQR is a decent brand, although we always use 8 core and coper as a minimum, Copper is better than CCA and you pay a little more for it.

He has spare cores, I would change the address on the keypad though, do you have 6 keypads? that is the max the veritas can take.

should see address lid shut change number as the address is changed. it wont in itself solve the issue, the cable may be damaged somewhere and shorting the T and R coms line and hance getting the address lid shut doubling up wouldn't change the short if there is one.

out of interest do you know the cable route from panel to keypad?
I do mate but it's all under the floor and the floor is a finished floor...not taking it up for this, wasn't expecting to have any issues for years and years lol and as I said, was working until not long ago!
It is possible its damaged cable due to walking across the floor and progressively got worse.

if it crosses a walk way it isn't good, if it runs round the edges of a floor carpet fitters sometimes damage cables.

Running a temporary cable to the keypad will confirm its the cable, wouldn't take long to check it.

Then it be a case of using the other cores, if the T and R are shorting putting another core into each isn't going to help. As its intermittent it may take a while to prove its definitely fixed or not.

Can a new cable be run from the panel to the keypad as a permanent connection?
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