1. J

    Honda CRV 07 MKIII vibration between 50/60m speed - Any thioguht?

    Got Honda CRV MKIII and noticed when getting into the motorway and starting to build speed can be on the 4th 5th or 6th shift no difference the car start vibrating very bad. This is usually between 50/60m speed and then once the speed is there you can push over 60 vibration disappear again...
  2. J

    Electric lawnmower sparks and stop after few second. Motor issue

    Not sure this is right place to ask question. I was given from my neighbour a Bosch rotak 36 which has stopped working. Plugged machine and sparks very bad for few second and then I guess thermal goes in and stops working. I cleaned up commutator making looking like new. Replaced brushes with...
  3. O

    DEWALT (vs. Makita) Cordless Drill Help Needed

    Hi all, First time posting here so please excuse incompetence. We bought a DEWALT DCD776 to help with our home renovation. It's been through some light to medium work so far and has generally been really good to use. Recently, we have found that inserting screws (any type) has been challenging...
  4. SirMario

    Help Needed - Nest Thermostat replacing a Danfoss TP9000

    I have been spending a lot of time at home (due to the coronavirus epidemic), and I decided to take the plunge, learn something new and replaced my Danfoss TP9000 with a nest thermostat 3rd generation. After reading a lot of forum and posts online I was pretty confident that it would be easy...
  5. P

    Vailliant boiler issue (S.O -Heating issue, no heat demand)

    Hello, My Vailliant boiler was showing F.27 (incorrect sensing of flames). I opened the panel and replaced the 2A fuse. After that the boiler stopped responding. Status code now is S.O (Heating issue, no heat demand). Does not respond to opening hot water tap or turning on the radiator...
  6. R

    This problem is going to end me

    Hi, I have mk6 golf TDI 2010 At around 100k miles I started having this problem where the car struggles to start. Almost sounds like it's mis firing (it's not a petrol though) When I start the car it sound like it is running off 3 cylinders but after a short period of time it runs...
  7. F

    Can anyone help me work out what is happening here?

    Pics for reference Apprantly the builders used dulux trade supermatt, to which i have tried to use retail, dulux matt paint, colour wise they match perfectly, although my new matt paint is very rough in comparison, hence...
  8. C

    Boiler flue exit towards our property ally way- Buying a property

    I'm in the process of buying a property. The legal process is currently going on. Neighbor was doing the two floor extension over their garage when we put the offer for buying the property next to them (left side). We just went for the second viewing recently and noticed that their extension has...
  9. C

    Need help, is this rising damp?

    I've been having issues with a damp spot, I can't tell if this is from a leak or rising damp etc. Could someone help me please? any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank You.
  10. R

    Common Miele Dryer Issue - FIX

    I had the common Miele Dryer issue of starting a cycle then switching off after 30 seconds or so. And also the issue a cycle running but no heat. I tired the NTC switch etc and none of that worked. Finally I got a Miele engineer round and he said it was simply that the mesh vent strips that...
  11. J

    Cracked plaster beside doorway

    My partner and I have just moved into our new home. We have taken off the old tiles in the bathroom to uncover a crack and would like opinions of how big a problem this is and what people think this is with an idea on what we should do Thanks a lot +++++++++++++++ Moderator's note -...
  12. N

    Dimplex wall heater not working

    Hello everyone, I just moved to property and found not working Dimplex wall heater. Owner said it just stopped working one day, and he has no idea what kind of issue it may be. Everything I know about it is the make - Dimplex, no code, nothing. Does anyone has idea how to fix it or where to...
  13. R

    Bizzarre Miele Dryer Issue

    Hi all. I have the seemingly common fault of my Miele T294C dryer shutting down after 5 mins of blowing cold air and beeping on all settings. BUT! If I wipe / clean the door interior seal down (on the machine body side not the actual door) it will work??? Would appreciate any pointers as to...
  14. B

    Honeywell St699 problems I can't find any examples of this.

    forgive the basic errors I'm not an expert on any of this. We have a hot water tank and gas central heating it is controlled by a dial thermostat and a Honeywell st699. The one day two cycle one... If the system calls for hot water OR central heating then there is no issue and it works fine...