1. K

    Karndean Korlok laid on top of parquet = Disaster!

    Hi Hopefully an expert on this forum might be able to give some advice/guidance. I had Karndean Korlok installed around 3 years ago in our lounge and hallway on top of herringbone parquet (parquet is glued (maybe bitumen?) which is on top of concrete. There is 5mm or larger gaps between all...
  2. A

    Karndean over underlay?

    Hello, I'm planning to lay Karndean Korlok in my flat. I've removed my old engineered wood floor. Underneath that I have a 6mm black rubber Tredaire underlay for acoustic insulation. Do I have to remove it before laying the Karndean? Their instructions say their flooring needs no underlay, but...
  3. robodelfy

    First time fitting LVT planks, help? :)

    Hi I fell out with the guy who was meant to fit my karndean floor in my kitchen. He said my floor couldn't be made flatter, and it had 8cm undulations. I levelled it with fibre self levelling compound from mapei, and now it's much better. I have karndean opus planks. They reccomend using...
  4. robodelfy

    Flooring job nightmare, am I crazy?

    I posted a bit about this recently but it got worse. Just looking for opinions I got a quote for laying Karndean in my kitchen and bathroom. I went around with a 1m straight edge and found 10/12mm dips in the kitchen, the guy said some latex levelling compound would sort it out. I also asked...
  5. K

    Lifting Karndean floor

    HI I have a karndean floor (da vinci) which i thought would be down for life, but after 11 years 1 tile started curling up in a corner and was like that for a year or so. Its in a high traffic area with central heating pipes underneath. We assumed it was the steam cleaner and ignored it. Then we...
  6. S

    Karndean over old Parquet flooring

    Hi, Want to get some advice here. I have a room with old Parquet flooring, polishing etc won't help much and it's also very old design. I was thinking of getting Karndean put on top of it. But someone told me its not a good idea as we should not put one floor over another, as both got to...
  7. B

    Karndean in loft (sounds insulation)

    Planning to fit LVT in two loft conversion rooms - approx 40 sqm. I already have the Karndean feather finish, and 6mm ply sheets. I want to sounds insulate mainly against impact noise. What product should I use (I also ideally want to use up the ply sheets I've already bought)?
  8. H

    Underfloor system, flooring problems, advice please...

    I have a wet underfloor heating system installed between joists in a 1930's house. The heating system itself works. The issue is with the subfloor.... The builder installed insulation between the joists, then clipped the pipes to the insulation as seems to be the standard approach. He then...
  9. K

    Marine or exterior ply for Karndean / Amtico subfloor?

    Hi, I'm prepping for my new Karndean floor and in the past my fitter has used 6mm marine ply as a subfloor. But as my lounge is now about 4 times as big as the last project I'm wondering if I can use exterior grade ply instead? This seems a lot more affordable. The description says it is...