1. A

    Overboarding Landing Under Carpet, Ply or Alternatives?

    I have screwed down the floorboards for a 1 square meter landing that opens to two bedrooms, the bathroom, and the staircase. This has eliminated the creaks, but there are gaps. My plan is to overboard with 6mm plywood, but from reading online I have seen NoMorePly concrete fabric sheets and...
  2. VGKsulley

    Help with replacing landing light

    Hi guys, I’ve been trying to replace my landing light all night last night and I just wanted to see if I’ve wired it up correctly before I connect it up. I followed this diagram that I found. And I have a blue wire and yellow wire left, I’m assuming the yellow wire is the switch wire, I’ve...
  3. N

    Stairs landing size

    Hi All, I got a question, can someone help? My house is semi and extending to 2 storey. From the stairs I’ll go up and from landing if I turn left and one step climb I’ll go to existing rooms. If turn right I’ll go to new rooms. I would like to know what is the building reg minimum...
  4. G

    Doors on loft landing near stairs advice

    Just wanted to check with those in the know if this is compliant with regs. Quite simply two doors off a LOFT landing. Is the landing too small for compliance? Appreciated,
  5. D

    Supporting loft conversion landing - what would you do?

    Evening folk, I was wondering if you helpful lot could give some suggestions on how to frame the new floor landing of a loft conversion. Basically I'm having a double dormer loft conversion which is set over two levels. They are accessed by a dog leg staircase, the first flight of which...
  6. B

    Distance of doors from landing

    Good morning, I have moved a bathroom wall to enlarge the bathroom. Previously the door was swinging outside and there was a small area in front of it. I have moved the wall bringing it closer to the staircase that is coming from the ground floor but with the door swinging inwards now. My friend...
  7. D

    190x47 CLS joists - enough landing for drywall screw edge distance?

    The ends of ceiling plasterboard will have to share a 47 landing on the joist underside, so not much edge distance for drywall screws. Is there a spec drywall screw edge distance to be maintained?
  8. D

    1930s Semi landing held up by doorframe?!

    Good evening, I'm in the process of ripping out our pantry, putting in a suspended floor and fitting an understairs toilet. I've read around a bit and looked on a few forums but can't seem to figure out what is supporting our landing, aside from possibly the door frame to the pantry below which...
  9. M

    Fix broken floor boards upstairs vs new central heating pipes replacement. Which one 1st?

    Should I get my central heating pipes replaced first as they go under the floorboard then go and fix my broken floor boards upstairs or vice versa? thanks in advance.
  10. R

    Rooflight of Sun Tunnel

    Wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the roof section?... I'm buying a Edwardian style terrace and the big first floor landing is pretty dark. The small landing window is on the side of the back of the house (back faces east) so gets minimal light. Has anyone ever installed a rooflight...