1. E

    Laying Clay Pavers

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about getting some Bexhill Clay pavers from here I have never laid pavers before but would like to lay a path very similar to the one in the attached photo: The pavers are 200mm x 58mm x 48mm and I...
  2. G

    Varying colour mismatch Paving slabs

    These are the same concrete pavers but from different packs. Will they all go the same colour with sun bleaching? They are the same colour when dry but different shades when wet.
  3. N

    Preparation for new lawn where concrete was.

    Hi there, I have moved into a circa 1950’s house and my next project is tackling the garden. There was an old detached garage which had the roof removed due to asbestos. I have since knocked this down and removed and begun knocking up the concrete base, the plan being to turf/seed over this...
  4. Amober

    Preparing garden for turf

    We need help knowing what to do next We've cleared paving slabs, tons of gravel and monstrosities from this garden. We're wanting to lay turf but there is so many stones, clay beneath that and sand mixed in where the previous owner had used I assume to break up clay. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. N

    Removing garden steps

    Our garden is quite fragmented and we want to remove some steps that split the front section in half. They lead to a gate which we also plan to remove and fill in the hedge. Something we hadn’t planned to do yet but we need to sort our soakaway (linked with septic tank) and since that’s going to...
  6. I

    base for Timber decking frame

    I'm preparing the groundwork for a timber decking frame but I don't have much height as I'm keeping it level with my newly installed patio. The ground has already been dug off and filled with MOT so is compact. I have started to channel out small trenches so I can concrete in 3x2 treated timber...
  7. adamthriver

    Filling a Large Hole in the garden

    Hi everyone, We inherited a very large and deep hole in the garden. It is about 15 meters x 15 meters and about 1.5 meter deep. It was probably dug out with the intention of creating a large pond but just left there. We would like to fill it up so the final thing is a levelled garden, but would...
  8. A

    Garden - Design help and thoughts

    Hi all I've never designed a garden before but now find myself doing just that. I've played around with a few ideas and I kind of know I want it to be contemporary. If I post a rough design on here (don't laugh), do you think I'd get some tips or ideas of improving it? I have some graph paper...
  9. C

    Garden Sleepers opinion

    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of building a sleeper wall to try and flatten out my lawn. There is already a retaining wall for a sunken patio which is due to the house being on the side of a hill and theres not much i can do with that. I'm in a bit of a dilemma on what do to with the...
  10. R

    Retaining wall strengthening

    I have a 1.2 metre concrete retaining wall in my back garden that I would like to strengthen to keep it good for the forseeable future, and also make it a bit nicer to look at. Water is starting to come through the wall and affect the rendering, the wall also leans forwards by around 7cm at the...
  11. M

    Garden Property Boundary Registration & Fencing

    Good Evening, Was hoping you could help me please, I have been a homeowner of my property for 25 years, Mortgage paid off and I have my title deeds ownership of the home. We had a back garden extension built 7 years ago, though, before this, we had a wall and wire fencing which partitioned both...
  12. A

    Newly laid sandstone staining... HELP!!

    Morning all, I've just finished laying a Indian sandstone patio - Kandala Grey - It's been stop start over the last 8-9 weeks due to intense rain&not being at home. It's been laid of a full bed of cement mixed 5-1 with sharp sand which we mixed by hand each time as we knew we'd not be fast...
  13. S

    Laying porcelain tiles outdoors on a concrete subbase

    I have laid a concrete subbase 100mm deep and in one side there will be a shed the other part I am laying porcelain tiles using a tiles adeshive. My question is do I need to prime the the concrete slab ? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated !
  14. Auric

    Advise on rescuing my front garden, please!

    Hi all I'm looking for some advice on how to deal with my front garden. When we moved in four years ago there was a massive bush and the whole garden was covered in decorative stones (see image). I've chopped the bush down and what I really need is some help in dealing with the decorative...
  15. B

    Conifer Tree Stump Removals

    Hi I have about 10 or so leftover conifer tree stumps that need removing due to a driveway going in. They have been killed off by using tree stump killer a year ago, do conifer tree roots go down deep? From what I hear the roots tend not to spread out to far. Any advice much appreciated!
  16. M

    Best way to remove this stain ? Indian Sandstone

    Hi all, 2 months ago had my Indian sandstone laid in my garden, though this morning found a bird poop which seems to have dried I then clean it off with a brush and hose through a green mark remanence has been left on my sandstone, very sad about this. It's relatively a new Indian sandstone...
  17. H

    Land Drain Advice

    Hi there, Yesterday we commissioned a well established landscaping company to install a land drain around the internal perimeter of a retaining wall. From what I have read in my research leading up to this, the trench should ideally be 750mm deep for a 100mm pipe. The company finished the...
  18. GlenJ

    Retaining Wall Help

    We have an awesome sloping garden. The previous owners had a huge deck (including pond) which had become a 'little' worse for wear. Anyway we're going to try and terrace the thing. First section up is where the pond used to be. I started digging a trench for foundations for the retaining...
  19. G

    Rocking slabs and problem pointing?! Advice sought...

    Hi All. We've just had a new patio laid - 90m sq in total, so a bit of a beast. In general I'm happy but before I pay my builder I wanted to get some advise on a couple of niggles that are bothering me. I'm unsure whether to accept as being normal or ask him to re do.In a handful of areas, there...
  20. D

    Hardcore Sub Base for gravel path

    I have had some useful responses on the height of a gravel path which I am building alongside my house. Below the gravel path I want to put a hardcore sub base as that is what has been suggested. However I am too tight to buy a load of hardcore as I have lots of rubble/gravel/old cement and...