lime mortar

  1. G

    Sand, cement & lime mortar ratios for pointing 1880 terrace

    Hello, I'm a complete novice about this but I'd like to do some bits of repointing on the wall of my terrace. I can remember (many years ago) a builder mixed sand, cement & lime for pointing another wall but I can't emember the ratio or how to mix it. I also have no idea what type of sand (I...
  2. JamieDIYs

    Lime constructed house with cavity wall… can you insulate

    Hi all, just wondering what people’s thoughts are on cavity wall insulation on a 1910’s built house constructed with lime mortar. I’ve read a couple of horror stories online about people installing modern cavity wall insulation into a period property which subsequently caused a multitude of damp...
  3. M

    Sealing interior exposed brickwork, lime mortar

    Has anyone any recommendations for sealing exposed brickwork? Interior. I’ve some old brickwork that I’d like to keep, read about pva, but didn’t think that would last well? I don’t want the brickwork shiny. Tia
  4. Cottagedoup

    Wet verge on cottage

    Hello new to forum. We've just found ourselves proud owners a bunch of derelict cottages and are isolating onsite working away during all the madness. The cottages are stone rubble walls, we got the roof done up to the underlayer and are working on fixing the stone supporting the purlins, using...
  5. R

    Lime Mortar / Pointing query

    Hi all - and firstly apologies if this is in the wrong place but hopefully addresses my question! We've recently had a loft conversion done, and as part of this, have put aside a section of the eaves for storage. The builders have plasterboarded out most of the eaves area, but have left the...
  6. Oli HG

    External Sills

    Hello All, Appreciate there’s a similar and recent thread to this by Tom but I didn’t want to piggyback on that - I also have a Victorian terrace and my outside sills are not in great shape. There’s damp in the living room which may or may not be connected to the state of the bay window sill...
  7. S

    Hydraulic Lime Mortar hard to work with

    I'm using hydraulic lime mortar (NHL) to (1:3 NHL:Sand) to install an air brick However, it is very difficult to work with, its has the consistanct of wet sand and does not stick well. Is there any thing I can add to make it more easy to use. I want it to stick together better and stick to the...
  8. W

    Lime repointing, 1910 London house

    House is circa 1910, London yellow stock bricks. Original pointing is quite a light colour. I seen and been quoted for repointing in lime ranging up to around £50/sqm with a 'weather struck' finish. I'm also contemplating doing this myself, with some ready mix products like Limetec or similar...
  9. Beezle

    Rendering Victorian fireplace: builder added scratch coat, already cracking.

    Greetings! Currently renovating my Victorian house and on the newbie learning curve, I love it. Two differing builder perspectives: old school and new school and I need another viewpoint. Eeek! Lots of info here: After we opened the large fireplace (exciting), Builder One filled in a vertical...
  10. J

    House shows evidence of a major insect infestation at some point..

    Hi Before i make a seroius error - i hope someone with the knowledge has the time to read this. Briefly -For the last couple of years i've been living in this ugly house - which i own. 1950's English build + Cavity walls which have been filled with some white fluff which is causing damp...
  11. J

    Rebuild stone fireplace arch

    Hello All, So I'm rebuilding my fireplace ready to install a woodburner. The deeds of my my house say it's 1701, but from local maps I think it's more like 1850. I've broken out the old fireplace. Because it's been covered in cement inside and out for, I'm guessing, at least 20 years, the front...
  12. E

    Lime mortar torching & ventilation advice

    We have a 1930s house with a tile roof without any felt. It has lime mortar torching which falls constantly. We only use the loft for storage but I'd like to stop everything getting covered in the mortar. I have a few questions as I've had some existing advice from roofers: Is it ok to have the...
  13. Scarophion

    K Rend on a lime mortared house

    Good evening, I've recently moved into a Victorian terrace that was covered in cement rendering for the last 30 years. The builder who removed the rendering recommends that I re-render with K Rend (silicone) instead of lime because, he claims, it is breathable. The K Rend website certainly...
  14. S

    Pointing with lime

    I live in a 150+ year old granite house which had suffered from poor cement pointing from a previous owner. As water had been penetrating the gable end I set out to have this re-pointed using lime as everything I had researched heavily supported the use of lime on a granite building. I am also...
  15. oursurveysaid

    Soil in Mortar Joints

    My old 1880s victorian terrace has the usual rear addition kitchen with bathroom above. The London stock bricks have been painted about halfway up the wall by previous owners. They used a non-breathable paint, so the solid walls are cold and damp. Plaster work inside has blown and the kitchen...
  16. T

    Grade II Listed Cottage Project

    Hello DIYnot's, I am currently renovating a little cottage in the middle of Cotswolds; which has a lot of little projects over the next couple of years for me to work on. So my list of projects I am currently working on and for the future are: Repointing the exterior stone wall of the kitchen...
  17. S

    Repointing with lime mortar – remove all cement mortar first?

    Hello, I have read on various websites that lime mortar is recommended for repointing older properties with no cavity. In my case, this is an Accrington brick end-terrace built in 1901. It looks like the property has been repointed at various times historically and it's highly likely that this...