load bearing

  1. B

    Strawboard partition walls

    Hello. I recently posted about whether some internal walls in my living room and kitchen maybe load bearing. I thought I’d pull off some plaster board at the place it meets the ceiling to see if I could see if the wall in question was supporting a joist. I have discovered that the internal walls...
  2. S

    Timber framing question - Turning shed into office / garden room

    Looking for advice please. Apologies if this question has already been asked - I have read all I could on the forum and I appreciate the shed timber framing might not be sufficient but I've got to work with it. I have an existing shed, approx 8ft by 11ft. its made from CLS 33x68mm timber...
  3. M

    RSJ Bearing question - do I need to fix?

    Looking for some input (help) guys. Padstone is 80mm in depth. RSJ has been installed to sit on the concrete pad and bricked in on the inner leaf of the cavity wall. RSJ - 2 * 203 x 133 UB RSJ open span - 4.3m Note: also has a point load from additional beam in centre (additional beam 2.2m)...
  4. N

    Thermalite 3.6n blocks for steel - Help needed

    Hi All, Can somebody help me? I am doing an extension rear single storey, side double storey 7.6X3.5m front single storey on a semi. My question is about a double-storey wall. On left side I got an old wall (existing) backside steel sitting on the goalpost, first floor wall I can build on...
  5. J

    RSJ Spacers - Are they needed?

    Guys, Any advice.. SE specified bolts and spacers necessary. Builder has added bolts but not spacers. The work is up and he is saying spacers are not needed and is pushing back (basically refusing) on making changes now. The beams sit right next to each other - no space in between - is it...
  6. J

    RSJ Spacers - Are they needed?

    Guys, Any advice.. SE specified bolts and spacers necessary. Builder has added bolts but not spacers. The work is up and he is saying spacers are not needed and is pushing back (basically refusing) on making changes now. The beams sit right next to each other - no space in between - is it...
  7. M

    Can I demolish this wall that previously housed an old boiler

    I am hoping someone can give me a little more knowledge on if this wall can be removed and be made flush in line with the door. Please see photos attached.
  8. K

    RSJ advice needed!!

    Guys, Is there anyway to tell whether an RSJ is graded S275 or S355 once installed? Cheers in advance.
  9. D

    is RSJ correctly supported?

    Guys, I have a builder in doing some work for me. He put up an RSJ where there was previously a load bearing wall. Can you comment on the photos? I'm not 100% confident in what's been done. New RSJ spans 5 metres and also supports smaller pre-existing RSJ. Areas of concern, - Pad stone 80mm...
  10. T

    I think my downstairs neighbour has removed a load bearing wall

    Hi all, Hoping to get some advice please. I live in a block of flats that was originally an old Victorian building. It was converted into 5 flats decades ago. My downstairs neighbour has started to do some serious build works. I was in helping her carry something in and I noticed a number of...
  11. T

    Padstone for Bifold Steel beam?

    Hi I have a single storey extension going in with a 4m long bifold to the garden, it is likely that due to this span we would be installing this steel with welded plate as you’ve shown in your detail drawing. My question is: Where this steel is supported at either side of the bifold, will the...
  12. D1l1th1um

    Alternating blocks used to intersect external wall. Replace them?

    Hi people, I have started to remove an internal, non-load bearing wall, on the first floor (only the loft above it). Where the internal wall meets the external wall there are staggered blocks that were part of the internal wall. Makes sense; so you couldn't just push the internal wall down, I...
  13. E

    Garden Room - Structural Design Advice

    Hi all, I'm in the process of building a garden room. It's a lean-to structure in the corner of the garden against the boundary wall. There is a wall at the rear face and against the right hand side: My sketch is pretty rudimentary, but hopefully you can see a basic studwork structure in...
  14. T

    Shoddy RSJJ installation problems

    Hi guys, was wondering whether anyone could offer some advise regarding RSJs that our builder has installed. The job was done at breakneck speed and as a result the RSJs weren't level which I challenged builder over. Subsequently, they've decided to try lowering them by 10mm to get them level...
  15. R

    Loft boarding- cross battens 2x4 vs 2x6

    Hi all, I am looking to board up the loft to a good standard ("proper" and all). Everyone recommends - in order to hold the insulation to raise the floor before boarding. And the best way is to do this is to screw cross-battens into the ceiling joists - (2" by 4" timber battens have been...
  16. J

    Structural Wall help

    Hi, Following my last post where I got some really helpful answers I wanted rely on you guys again! We currently have an upstairs layout as shown in the image. We are looking to knock down the wall between the WC and the bathroom to increase the size of the bathroom but wanted to check whether...
  17. S

    Lintel on breeze blocks

    I am to open the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The wall is bearing the load of joist of a bedroom above it. There is no other wall above it nor stud wall just the joists. I am looking at installing 2700x100x65 lintel. My question is what is the minimum length on the breeze block...
  18. eoing

    Drilled hole in Load Bearing Ceiling Joist

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and a new homeowner. I was recently in the attic trying to drop an electrical wire to add a new light switch. In a rush and not thinking, I started drilling a hole in the exterior-facing ceiling joist with a 7/8" spade bit. After drilling ~2" deep, I stopped and...
  19. S

    possible purlin support removal??

    hi everyone, I have recently started to create a loft space in my semi detached bungalow, I have researched building regulations regarding floors to which I am following, however I have two 3x2 supports underneath a purlin on the hipped side of my roof which are sat on a supporting wall...
  20. M

    Staircase - Load Bearing Joist?

    Evening all. Relatively quick one for those knowledgeable in how staircases are/were built, I have no idea. Few pics below to show a 3x3 post "attached" to the staircase, wonder whether this would be removable or not? Or alternatively who I could go to for formal advice on it, what would need...