30 Jan 2017
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Following my last post where I got some really helpful answers I wanted rely on you guys again!

We currently have an upstairs layout as shown in the image. We are looking to knock down the wall between the WC and the bathroom to increase the size of the bathroom but wanted to check whether it was load bearing or not. All the walls in my house are masonry so it was hard to know.

The floor joists run parallel to the wall and the floorboards are perpendicular. This makes me think we are ok to take this wall down but ideally wanted some advice.

Thanks in advance.
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Do the joists go from the bedroom 3 to the outside wall, and are there any roof supports from above the wall that you want to remove. Load bearing walls are normally on the ground floor, because they support the wall above it; but you can get struts going up from the WC/bathroom wall supporting the roof in some properties.
Potential to convert your property into 4 bedrooms by combining WC and bath as the 4th room and shifting bath & toilet to A/C + passage.

If your bedroom 3 & bedroom 2 face front and roof slopes towards front , it is likely that the two inner walls of bedroom 3 & 2 and the load bearing walls for your ceiling joist and possibly struts for the roof, which means you could remove the WC wall. But best to check inside your loft as others have suggested to be sure.
As Mike says - presuming the windows are at the front/back of the house then get in the loft and you'll probably find you have joists running the full width of the house from the front window of Bed 2 to the back window of Bed 1. So what you propose will make the house structurally symmetrical. The joists may not meet the standards of modern span tables though, so that's a call you'll have to make.

Get the loft and measure the joist spacing, depth, and direction, and draw another diagram.
Theres also potential for the OP to put a penguin enclosure in the back garden, but thats not the question either. :cautious:
Theres also potential for the OP to put a penguin enclosure in the back garden, but thats not the question either. :cautious:
I know Woody, you could make a penguin enclosure in the garden, there are lots of potential in OP's property, now was the time before he spends money on renovating combining his bath and wc , that airing cupboard was being used for penguins, sorry to say they are now evicted, weren't paying OP any rent and were living in freezing conditions, and OP likes a bit of heat, but penhuins kept turning it off, so there was always a clash going on, I gave OP an idea and tell his penguins to get out as he needs to make a bathroom there.

Further more an easily converted to 4 bed property can fetch an extra £35-50K on house value, a loft conversion on the other hand does not often pay back due to shear cost if it, OP could sell and move to an even bigger with better facilities, more room for his penguins!

Woody I see your point, 18, 162 posts, you can't wait to get to 20,000 land mark, you will have to wait a little longer mate.:unsure:
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From 12.47pm this afternoon till now 7.00pm, Woody has posted 9 posts! and probably 10 posts by the time I finish typing this post, that is roughly 1 post every 40-45min! I didn't know Woody was so desperate to get those yellow wall plugs, if he plays it nice, I can send him a pack of 100 yellow plugs and 100 posi head screws, as well as a free masonry drill bit, I can buy this for just £1.00. And for what they are, pretty good value for money for hanging pictures, light stuff and so on. just used those today to hang a bathroom curtain rail. What more can you ask for from just a pound?

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