1. nmlyons31

    Hive wiring help

    I'm replacing my multi-zone Danfoss controllers with Hive, so far the downstairs Hive receiver is wired in and working well. I'm having a problem wiring in the Hive Single Channel receiver to replace a Danfoss TP 4000 for the upstairs zone. The TP 4000 is battery powered and has 2 connected...
  2. H

    Advice needed- cracks around windows interior and exterior

    Hello, I'm considering purchasing this property but I'm worried about cracks around the windows both internally and externally. The windows sit one on top of the other and the external crack in the picture below sits between the two of them. We're first time buyers in our 30s and have already...
  3. L

    Internal lime plaster??

    I’ve just purchased a house and have stripped the wallpaper to find this grainy material. From a quick google search it seems to be lime plaster?? Do you agree? If so how easy is it to remove so I can re-plaster? Thanks
  4. S

    Honeywell to Hive Thermostat Mini

    I’ve just bought the Hive Mini and I’m trying to switch the receivers My current one is a Honeywell wired up as seen here…. Can some please tell me where exactly each wire goes in the hive receiver as that is marked N L 1234 not NLL ABC Thank you
  5. J

    Clarification on 2t engine compression and when cylinder need replacement if scored

    Hi Everyone. I was given a non worker Stihl Edge trimmer and due of this cold weather, I decided to take it apart during the weekend. Compression test was 75psi. I then decide to remove the cylinder to see inside the condition and found a nice score starting from the bottom to the below of...
  6. H

    Victorian damp question

    Renovating our Victorian London terrace. The front garden was built up way too high so we have dig down to below the air brick and plan to lay permeable membrane and then cover with gravel. We have come across what looks like an old drain in front of the air brick (photo attached) but we can’t...
  7. W

    Dash cam install causing battery to go flat?

    I was half way through hardwiring dash cam yesterday when it started to rain and was getting dark so decided to stop where i was, close everything up and come back to it tomorrow. last night drove the car to the shop and back with no issues. came back to the car today and the battery was dead...
  8. N

    Best product for plaster repair?

    I’ve removed some wallpaper from the bedroom in our 1930s house and the plaster has come away in a couple of areas. 1. Under the window - exposing the timber of the bay window wall 2. Partition wall with another room - guess this is brick with plaster and the skim coat has come off. Based on...
  9. B

    CF neighbour using my drains (edited)

    Hi all, hoping for some help. So my neighbour has just built a porch that extends out from his house and today they have put the guttering up and they want to run the pipe down the house over the wall and into our shared drain. No we share the rain water from the main roofs into our gully at...
  10. bettz1

    How to Turn beep off Candy dishwasher

    Hi hoping someone can help. We've a Candy CDI 1LS38S and at the end of the cycle it constantly beeps and then beeps every 15 mins. Is there a way to turn his off as we put the dishwasher on overnight nad it's driving me and the dog mad! For some reason our poor dogs become terried of the beeping.
  11. L

    Vaillant Turbomax Pro 28E - Hot water, No Heating, No Thermostat???

    Hi, I have a Turbomax Pro 28E that is not turning on the heating, I am assuming that this is a wiring is as recently I removed an old thermostat receiver as when we moved into the house there were no controls for it, as such I tried to install a Nest E that I could not get to work. Since then...
  12. O

    Can anyone help identify this material? Asbestos? something else?

    Can anyone help identify this boarding? it was screwed onto some boxing, which was attached to the ceiling which had pipes and electrical cables in there to feed around the corridor. majority of the boxing looked like mdf, and other wood type things. This was different. It does glissen if the...
  13. E

    VELUX Roof Windows

    Hi, I’ve recently moved into a property where VELUX Low Pitch Roof Windows have been installed. I can’t for the life of me get them to open! It’s driving me mad. I’ve tried for a month to get them open but can’t. I’m hoping somebody can help. I’ve attached photos of them and have tried locking...
  14. G

    Unvented system - Very loud vibration when drawing hot water.

    Hi all, Moved into a property earlier this year and noticed a really strong vibrating sound coming from the cylinder room on the top floor. It happens for maybe 4-5 seconds in the morning when we're drawing hot water for the first time. Usually notice it when one of us has a shower in the...
  15. J

    Stansted Airport parking charge fine Any chance can Appeal and how. Tips advise Help

    Few weeks ago I dropped off my sister to Stansted Airport and stopped for less than 30 second at the end of the road which was marked with double yellow line and not sure how called white 45 degree line. it was just for a matter of few second but unlucky I notice an highviz car running on the...
  16. A

    Cabling for outside lighting query

    I have a quick question, I am getting my rendering done on my extension and wanted to clarify I can do what I think I can do for the outside lighting. The fuse board location is on the first floor as shown on the drawn picture. I have four post lights that I want to position as shown by the...
  17. R

    Coving Disaster?

    Hi guys, I recently had someone come in and fit coaving for me due to my disability preventing me from doing so, and I’ve had these gaps in there. Is this normal, if so is this any product I can use to fill those gaps? I can take further up pictures if required, thank you.
  18. J

    Pyronix Paragon Super - No Codes???

    Hello all, I am really hoping that you can help… I have recently bought a house that I am renovating to move into. There is a Pyronix Paragon Super alarm system installed. I do not have any codes, and cannot contact the seller for them. I have downloaded the annual and have tried using the...
  19. JD2012

    How to fit Lawn Edging?

    I got the plastic lawn edging below. How do I fit this with no stakes? Its was for the edge of the lawn beside my paving slabs edgers. Tthe grass was growing out over them. Someone did suggest I could use galvanised nails . Thanks...
  20. D

    Stripping outdoor wall paint

    Does anyone know how I might remove this paint from brick? I have no idea what paint it is as it was done by the last owners. The patch you can see I blasted with a jetwash but it took forever and still isn’t great!