1. Abbib99

    Caulk help

    Hi! I’ve been decorating our lounge the past 5 days, we cleared cracks in the plaster out, filled with polyfilla, and caulked with “soudal decorators caulk” in the corners of the walls, and around skirting and dado rails. This morning I’ve noticed that the paint is looking a different colour and...
  2. kaymars

    Hotpoint HSFO 3T223 Drainage Issue

    My Hotpoint HSFO 3T223 started displaying the F03 error code which indicates a drainage issue. I've began by cleaning out the internal filters which had barely anything inside, I then disconnected from the wall and the waste under my sink and drained the waste pipe out manually. This didn't work...
  3. B


    I would like to connect this(Optima alarm) to the police ..can that be done? I got it with the property but it's all been turned off for a number of years (probably 5)I have plug in DEC phones BT).like most these days. I also have what I think is a panic alarm (see insert picture) it...
  4. U

    Plasterboard or Asbesto?

    Just moved into a new flat that was built in the 60s. There are some polystyrene tiles on the ceiling of one of two of the rooms, I just wanted to see what the condition was underneath and am concerned if the boarding could be asbestos. Does anyone have any suspicions it could be?
  5. A

    Rsj or not

    Ok bit of a complicated one. I am in a converted flat in an industrial building that has concrete floors and ceilings think car park! I am removing stud walls to create open kitchen, living room. The stud walls are not structural to the building as they are not supporting concrete however I...
  6. W

    Howden's Washing Machine HJA8900

    Hi All, Could you help me? I'd usually ask my dad about these types of things, but he lives in a different country. I have a washing machine in my Howden's Kitchen, it is a washer dryer combo. Model name says Howden's joinery HJA8900. In the last few days, the washing cycles have ended up with...
  7. S

    New WC - Does it need a stack/SVP/AAV or can it go direct out to manhole?

    Please help, urgent! First post here, hoping someone can advise. We're planning a new WC in a garage, attached simplified sketch shows the plan. A builder we've been talking to has suggested a 110mm connection leading directly from the WC through the slab, then changing direction slightly to...
  8. J

    Filling holes for re-drilling

    Hello, recently bought a tv mount. Measured out the holes levelled everything up but coming to my second hole. As I got past the plaster and to the brick my drill started to ‘wander’ causing my mount to be misaligned. I’ve relocated this mount twice now to try get this right. I have used a...
  9. H

    Boiler not firing - which valve?

    Firebird boiler isn't firing so I assume I need to bleed it, but I'm not sure where the valve is. I keep seeing different things online that say I should loosen the valve where the Allen key is, or the lower hexagonal nut. Which is it?
  10. C

    Baxi 105e boiler please help

    Hi there I hope somebody can be of help. My Baxi boiler keeps blowing the 2 amp fuse. We went away for a couple of days and turned the heating to zero on the thermostat. I’ve come home and noticed a leak at the foot of one of the radiators and no heating. I’ve checked and the pressure had...
  11. A

    Loft Insulation

    Hi there, I hope you are well. I have a pretty bad condensation problem in my attic. I think this is due to the warm air meeting the cold membrane under the roof tiles. I currently have 100mm insulation in the floor and am planning to increase this to 270mm. Should I also add Celotex to the...
  12. Froglodyte

    New Intercom Phone Install help

    Hi all, I was wondering if you can help me please. I recently moved into a new flat with a broken intercom which makes it impossible to get my deliveries, no buzz and no dial tone. I identified it as a "ACET 22220 (2 Wire)". It has 6 wires inside (yellow, green, white, red, blk, blue). Cables...
  13. C

    Mouldy wall, old wallpaper, skim or plaster next?!

    Hi everyone, I’m new here. My partner and I recently bought a terraced house, built around the 60s. The old wallpaper in our bedroom wasn’t done to a great standard, and we also struggle with mould which we think is affecting my partners breathing. We had a survey done when we were buying it...
  14. KDragon

    Unidentified leak

    I've had my loft insulated and boarded recently to turn into a loft room. It's only been 5 months and I now have this brown sticky substance coming out but only in one place. I've cut a hole in the new boarding to see what's going on but it feels quite dry. We have a newish roof without any...
  15. Ginaaustin

    Please help…wiring fridge nightmare

    Hi, after having to investigate a really bad smell which I’d presumed was the drip tray at back on integrated fridge….the wire pulled out of the fridge while I removed it and now I don’t know where to put the crimps on the plastic thing (is it a relay) Thanks I’m advance for any help
  16. S

    SOLVED (Faulty 2 Gang Switch) - 2 way switch isnt working

    In the kitchen diner I've got a 1 gang switch in the kitchen to control spot lights and in the dining area I have a 2 gang switch (one gang for the spot lights in the kitchen and the other is for a light above the dining table). Below I have shown the wiring I have done, for some reason the...
  17. handaloo2

    Help with Drayton Wiring

    Hey All, hoping to get me past the last hurdle of a Drayton Install Kit 1. I currently have a 2 Zone system, however the upstairs zone valve has been opened by a plumber as I really didn't need two zones. 2 year old Ideal boiler. Bought a Wiser Kit 1 and fitted it today. Images here Based on...
  18. K

    Honeywell to Hive Thermostat Mini

    I have just brought a hive and need help with how to wire it up to my existing system can someone please tell me where to transfer the wires in the image attached : N L L A B Many Thanks
  19. U

    Understairs brickwork, structural?

    Hi there, My wife decided that the space under the stairs wasn’t being utilised properly so asked me to open up the space to see what could be done with it. I’m wondering if anyone could give me some advice on if this is is structural/supporting brick wall or not? Cheers, Jeff
  20. T

    Roof battens not horizonal

    Hello everyone, My builders have installed these roof battens, however as you can see they are not horizontal and the lower battens are clearly sloping down. Is there an explanation behind this? The builders have said this is fine but I’m not sure how the tiles will be laid, and will the tiles...