1. J

    Stansted Airport parking charge fine Any chance can Appeal and how. Tips advise Help

    Few weeks ago I dropped off my sister to Stansted Airport and stopped for less than 30 second at the end of the road which was marked with double yellow line and not sure how called white 45 degree line. it was just for a matter of few second but unlucky I notice an highviz car running on the...
  2. A

    Cabling for outside lighting query

    I have a quick question, I am getting my rendering done on my extension and wanted to clarify I can do what I think I can do for the outside lighting. The fuse board location is on the first floor as shown on the drawn picture. I have four post lights that I want to position as shown by the...
  3. R

    Coving Disaster?

    Hi guys, I recently had someone come in and fit coaving for me due to my disability preventing me from doing so, and I’ve had these gaps in there. Is this normal, if so is this any product I can use to fill those gaps? I can take further up pictures if required, thank you.
  4. J

    Pyronix Paragon Super - No Codes???

    Hello all, I am really hoping that you can help… I have recently bought a house that I am renovating to move into. There is a Pyronix Paragon Super alarm system installed. I do not have any codes, and cannot contact the seller for them. I have downloaded the annual and have tried using the...
  5. JD2012

    How to fit Lawn Edging?

    I got the plastic lawn edging below. How do I fit this with no stakes? Its was for the edge of the lawn beside my paving slabs edgers. Tthe grass was growing out over them. Someone did suggest I could use galvanised nails . Thanks...
  6. D

    Stripping outdoor wall paint

    Does anyone know how I might remove this paint from brick? I have no idea what paint it is as it was done by the last owners. The patch you can see I blasted with a jetwash but it took forever and still isn’t great!
  7. N

    Best way to the Drains & pipework - help needed

    Hi All, I am planning to do drains & pipework. please see the image below: Is that okay? is building control going to approve? I have read somewhere that every underground joint need an inspection chamber, is that correct?
  8. bettz1

    Nest 2nd gen thermostat help

    Hi I've been changing our kitchen socket switches to brushed metal ones and on Sunday I changed the fuse switch for the boiler. Turned off the main fuse board took a picture of the wiring and went and changed the socket. Now we've noticed the nest thermostat has gone off at the wall and the...
  9. J

    Belle mixer with 3.5hp Brigg stratton - stops working when loaded

    I have had a Petrol mixer belle 150l with 3.5hp briggs stratton used a while back for a project with no power, Then stored in the garage for few years. The other day we put it outside and tried to start with no luck. Removed carburettor, pushed some air and bang started at first pull. I then...
  10. L

    Wire Chubb delta bell to Honeywell galaxy 2-12

    Hello, can someone talk me through the wiring set up for a Chubb delta bell we have tried but I don’t know if we are wiring it up correctly as there are many more terminals on the bell box than any other siren we have used. Thanks in advance :) Lee.
  11. G

    Dodgy Gardener

    Hello…I am so nervous to approach my gardener. But at the same time I don’t want to waste police time either. I hired someone to do my garden. He asked if I needed my trampoline removing as the wind had battered it. I am alone with my autistic son. So I thought this was helpful of him. He took...
  12. J

    Concrete Driveway seasoned, path repair how to brush to match, How to fill concrete gaps

    Hi Everyone, After giving up on completely make up to my driveway with layer of resin bond due of cost not affordable at moment, I was thinking to make most of it with what I have. During the years due of new pipes the concrete has been cut and patched and the top cement layer still visible...
  13. N

    Thermalite 3.6n blocks for steel - Help needed

    Hi All, Can somebody help me? I am doing an extension rear single storey, side double storey 7.6X3.5m front single storey on a semi. My question is about a double-storey wall. On left side I got an old wall (existing) backside steel sitting on the goalpost, first floor wall I can build on...
  14. E

    How to change this spotlight

    hi i know how to change regular spotlights on the ceiling but this one seems to be confusing me Do you have any idea or YouTube videos on how I can change that? thank you in advance!
  15. S

    Help identify this window bead please

    I need to find a length of this window bead. Ive been to my local window place who says its obsolete. ITs external beading and has like a concave dip in it as per picture. Can anyone tell me the name of it or where i can purchase a length please. Im pulling my hair out here.. lol thanks again
  16. bettz1

    Dishwasher check water help needed

    So I took my dishwasher out yesterday as I was going to change the drain hose but then realised I had the wrong one. So I put everything back but now when running it's saying check water. I've taken the chamber off and made sure its all clear I can see the water filling up but the dishwasher...
  17. A

    Ballast Replacement T8 58W - Help please!

    I have a T8 ballast to replace in my strip light. I took it down hoping to replace it with exactly the same part. However I don’t seem to be able to locate the particular one that’s in there. I’m not sure which spec I have to be careful to match to ensure it’s the best alternative and make...
  18. J

    Convert Conservatory polycarbonate roof into a solid roof - Help

    After few season on not be able to use the conservatory as too cold on winter and too warm on summer. I`m now exploring the idea of converting the roof into a solid one but not sure what can be done without stripping everything down. This is a Victorian conservatory 3x3mm around 20 years old...
  19. J

    Repair aluminium recoil pull start without welding - Help

    Apologize if this is not related to car repair but still about mechanical equipment and maybe someone could help me. I have picked up from a friend an old Sthil petrol cutter which had all the nuts holding the recoil pull start completely locked. Look like they attempted to unscrew and with...
  20. T

    Building a Veranda / Patio Cover Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am looking at building a timber lean to veranda / patio cover down the side of my house and was hoping that I could get a bit of advice on how to do it. The span is going to be roughly 2.7m wide by 6m long with a roof at 15 degrees. The whole thing will be painted with...