1. U

    cut out part of chimneybreast, is it safe?

    Hi, We've had our chimney breast opening widened (probably a brick wider than the builders opening) and the lintel replaced with a stronger one and moved higher up at the front. Some of the brickwork needed to be cut out. Is our chimney flue and the second/third row of bricks supported by the...
  2. J

    New Boiler system sending bills sky high. Help with right setting

    Less than a year now. Got new plumbing system with Atag I40s system boiler with unvented cylinder 210l. Compared to the previous old vented system the gas bill seems to have double out. Plumber set up hotwater to 65° and heating to 70° Can you please advise if the hotwater can be keep lower...
  3. CJaneway69

    Hotpoint Fridge Freezer intermittently tripping power

    Hi This is my first time posting. I'm trying to find out the problem with my Hotpoint fridge freezer. Before Xmas, the power tripped. As time has gone on, we've determined that it's the fridge freezer. It's become more frequent now. When the door is opened (and not every time) the power trips...
  4. C

    Yikes this wood floor is worse than anticipated!!

    Recently moved into a flat and the owner had warned me that the wood floor wasn't too great so he put carpet over it. I've since removed the carpet as my spouse is adamant on having me restore the wood but I don't know how to make this look good. I've tried using a belt sander and it makes it...
  5. N

    Simple question rear extension rules

    Sorry for the silly drawing but this simple question has been annoying me all night as I try to understand permitted development rights. If I would like to build a rear extension on my semi detached house to the projection of 6 metres back that is clearly allowed under permitted development. But...
  6. B

    What is this metal object in lintel?

    I'm trying to install curtains (for the first time) and am having problems drilling into the wall. I'm drilling about 9cm above and 4cm to the side of a recessed window. I'm hitting this round metal object about 3cm into the wall. I can't drill further properly because the drill bit slips away...
  7. T

    What would constitute 'implementing' planing permission for loft conversion

    Hello, We've planing permision for a loft conversion and extension. It's complicated by the fact we are not clear that we want the extension part (or at least all of ir) (lose to much outside space) and that we are not happy with the proposed floor plan. (the plans came with the house, we...
  8. O

    DEWALT (vs. Makita) Cordless Drill Help Needed

    Hi all, First time posting here so please excuse incompetence. We bought a DEWALT DCD776 to help with our home renovation. It's been through some light to medium work so far and has generally been really good to use. Recently, we have found that inserting screws (any type) has been challenging...
  9. J

    Damp proofing cost for unspecified work (not completed)

    Hi everyone, New to this forum and in desperate need of advice. I had a builder do some damp proofing work for me in my house. I live alone and was starting to panic a wee bit about the damp (it’s an old house) and this builder seemed to really know his stuff. He quoted me 10k for damp proofing...
  10. R

    Room divider/stud wall/archway

    We have a room with a stone archway and I want to create a partition in the archway with a door to create a separate room. We are using this as a cinema room so need to add some soundproofing. I have thought of a couple of solutions, 1. Hang some sliding doors - these would be big with not a...
  11. E

    Radiator leak

    The bottom of my radiator has eroded and water keeps coming out and it’s leaking into downstairs, it’s the copper pipe that connects the radiator and goes under the floor boards. Is there any way I can stop the water coming out of it just for tonight until a plumber can come out in the morning
  12. J

    Old existing staircase in need of restyiling. How to over clad it. Help

    As per attached photos. I have an old staircase which need a bit of modernization. I have seen someone cladding it with solid timber flooring but not sure how works around the bullnose area. How would you do it. Any help and tips is welcomed Tnanks
  13. Kburrito

    Best way patching holes in plaster (on indoors brick)?

    Hey everyone, Long story short, I got two big patches of plasterboard ripped out either side of the chimney breqst builders opening. I plan to use Thistle base coat (hardwall) into the large patches. After that I plan to apply multifinish coat. Is that okay? Should I also cover the small...
  14. Polaralias

    Damp, with a sprinkling of mould

    Hello DIYnotters! Got a few questions regarding damp but some useful info beforehand: Property is end terraced, built around 1990, in Swansea, no subsidence/coal mining nearby and lastly - the house has ventilation grills that cover holes drilled through to the exterior of the building in...
  15. M

    Valiant ecoTECH plus 825 boiler flue

    Have family members currently putting up a conservatory for me. Last week I noticed the boiler flue inside the conservatory. When I queried it, they told me they were putting attachments on so it comes out of the side.... I have queried 2 gas engineers who haven't been very helpful. Just...
  16. T

    Have I killed my 'boiler'? Help please.

    I have air source heat pump (ashp) system, model Yutaki S . Recently I replaced the wired thermostat (a relay one) with a Tado wired thermostat. I turned the ashp system off at the kill switch. Swappef the thermostat, and it wouldn't turn back on. I have check the switch board and the circuit...
  17. A

    Damp patch on new plaster

    Hi all, From the pictures you may be able to see that I had heavily damaged plaster and a damp patch on the right hand side of my wall. After investigation, it was realised that poor guttering had led to water contact with the brick and it had eroded the external brickwork. This was then...
  18. Small85

    Damp Cellar

    Hi, My cellar, which has always been a little damp seems to have got much worse over the past few months. During some really bad rain I could actually see it seeping through the walls and pooling up on the floor. I've had the guttering cleared as there was some overspill at the time. I was...
  19. Natalierose30

    Help with filling sash window cavity

    0B47DB81-65FF-4B10-B218-2AB63D310B17 by Natalierose30 posted 15 Aug 2021 at 9:08 PM 868C8A9D-326B-40AD-9964-04F9F14E5C20 by Natalierose30 posted 15 Aug 2021 at 9:07 PM Hello, The sash windows on my property have some kind of filler over the foam in the cavity that I’m looking to repair, but I...
  20. Miss_Danielle

    Candy dishwasher error

    Hello, I have an integrated candy dishwasher, CRIN 1L380PB-80. And the P3 light is red and the reset button is red. When I press start the 3 lights on the right hand side flash and it won’t start. Does anyone know what this issue is?