1. C

    Home wiring a mess, help!

    We are renovating our house and the wiring seems to be a total mess, probably done in part by the previous owner. In order to help the electrician/keep costs down, I have traced out the excuse for a ring main (loads of spurs) and am going to run new 2.5mm T&E to the sockets so it is all ready...
  2. C

    Help with new light fitting

    Hi I am trying to replace my light fitting but having trouble with the wires. I have three grey cables from the ceiling - two have earth, live & neutral but the third has just one wire coming from it and it has one lone red wire inside. I have attached pictures of the wiring and would like to...
  3. Alz2k

    Worcester 28i has no internal filling loop?

    Hey guys, I'm stuck with an issue regarding the level of pressure that my boiler has. I've been looking around to see how I could fix this issue, and it came down to me needing a filling loop. However, whilst being confused and frustrated for a straight hour of not knowing what I had to do, it...
  4. F

    Mot Or scrap

    Currently I have a 2004 Renault Clio Expression 16V, 1149CC Petrol, 5DR, Manual Mot is due next month, i value the car at around 500 quid. (at a push) The problems All 4 wheels i believe to be under the limit/damaged when i break the fog lights come on for a second the service and airbag light...
  5. L

    loft with unusual wall plate can I convert

    Looking to convert the loft been up to have a look and the wall plate is on top of the existing ceiling joists and there is no wall plate under that. I have no clue how I will put floor joists in. Has anyone else come across this set up in a loft. I have a couple of pics.
  6. N

    HELP...Deadlock sourcing wooden french patio door

    Hi We have wooden patio doors and the deadlock has broken. I am looking to try find a replacement but cant find it. Anyone with experience / recognising the deadlock know where I can find?
  7. eveares

    New Forum Help Can't edit old thread.

    I wanted to move some existing pictures into a newly created "Home Automation" album, but could not find a way, so deleted them and then re-uploaded them. Thought I would have no problem editing my old threads to update the picture URL's, however there is no edit option for my old threads. Can...
  8. E

    What's wrong with our window?

    I'm hoping someone can help us. Our upvc window frame is lifting up off th windowsill. Does anyone know why this might be happening? We've just sold our house and are trying to get everything in order before we move. I've attached a photo of the problem. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you...
  9. L

    velux window fitted wrong?

    hi we're looking for some advice on the fitting of our velux window, it was actually fitted 2 years ago by our builder while converting our loft. we have a damp area of painted plaster above the window that has been there, as far as I'm concerned, since the window was fitted. the actual window...
  10. J

    Structural Wall help

    Hi, Following my last post where I got some really helpful answers I wanted rely on you guys again! We currently have an upstairs layout as shown in the image. We are looking to knock down the wall between the WC and the bathroom to increase the size of the bathroom but wanted to check whether...
  11. Michelle79

    HELP oso water tank- how to set timer????

    Hello I have an all Electric flat with storage heaters and a water tank. I struggle to get 2 baths worth of hot water, I've tried variations with the timer. How long and when should have this on and what's the most effective way to use the boost?? Any help appreciated
  12. C

    kitchen hinge - wide opening

    I can't find or even seem to identify a replacement for this hinge - any ideas where I can get a couple?
  13. J

    Cracked plaster beside doorway

    My partner and I have just moved into our new home. We have taken off the old tiles in the bathroom to uncover a crack and would like opinions of how big a problem this is and what people think this is with an idea on what we should do Thanks a lot +++++++++++++++ Moderator's note -...
  14. S

    Help!! with Lukewarm Radiators

    Hi I will be grateful for any suggestions on a way forward Bought new 5 bed , 3 bath family house 10 years ago The hot water and heating was great, with great pressure in all 3 showers upstairs. Not individually pumped. Was fitted with BOILERMATE upstairs and a boiler downstairs in utility...
  15. T

    Removing small chimney breast in ex council house.. HELP

    Hi I want to remove the small chimney breast in the kitchen. Can somebody please help me. I don't think its supporting the weight of the chimney. Can I remove the bottom part in the kitchen without having to support the whole chimney. Please see attached photos. Any help would be greatly...
  16. F

    Help with spray painting a radiator..?

    Hi, Can anyone help me with what types of spray paint I can use on radiators as I want a larger variety of colours to use, my project is ombre painting for my little girls bedroom. Can any type of enamel paint work the same as radiator paint? The radiator is already painted, no rust, I just...
  17. Natalie_l_Blundell

    Hit and Miss Vent - How to fix to walls?

    I have only recently bought a replacement vent for my baby's bedroom. The house is mid 1950s built and in the box room there is a vent already screwed into the wall. Its the only vent in the house. When I bought the replacement vent I discovered there are no screw holes? I have tried to contact...
  18. W

    Please advise- Drayton SCR/ Digistat RF to Nest installation

    Hi, I am installing a Nest onto a Worcester 25Si combi. It is to replace a Drayton SCR/ Digistat +3RF. I wanted to double check the wiring- ie. can I swap it like-for-like? Wiring, as shown in the pics (, is currently: Blue- N Brown- L Black- 1 (C) Grey- 3 (Call) Earth...
  19. D

    Potterton EP2002 to Hive Active heating and hot water

    Hi everyone First time poster and DIY enthusiast. I'd like to install a hive heating system to replace a Potterton EP2002 programmer. The EP2002 back box looks quite daunting with loads of wires - nearly put me off the idea of doing this myself. I'm looking for advice on how to install the...
  20. R

    Citroen Picasso help

    This was found on a car my mum purchased. No one seams to have a clue what it is! The car is a Citroen piccaso 1.6ltr Many thanks