loft conversaion

  1. S

    Victorian Loft

    Hello, I've recently moved into a Victorian terrace which has two loft rooms in the attic. The attic has original Victorian dormers and after starting to strip out I can see there are original Victorian floorboards up there. However the floor is deflecting in both rooms and is built on joists...
  2. DanRobertsB

    Insulating loft which you later plan to convert

    Hi, I have a c. 9x8m loft in a 1860 ish Victorian house which I'd like to insulate now*. As you can see from the below, it's barely insulated, but is currently "cold roof" construction. 1) It's possible I may ultimately end up doing a loft conversion (in maybe 5+ years). It'd be preferable...
  3. P

    Is this asbestos in my loft - Victorian house, London?

    Hi, I am clearing out old loft insualtion and picking up debris along the way. House is Victorian in borough of London. Is this old insulation I am rolling up contain asbestos? And underneath the insulation this crumbling stuff between the loft joists - is this asbestos? Many thanks
  4. H

    Uprating Existing Loft Conversion

    Hi Everybody, I'm in the planning stages of upgrading an already converted loft (pre-regs, very little insulation etc) so that I can legally class it as a bedroom. I've paid the fee to Building Control and the surveyor has made their initial visit. I'll be using SuperQuilt for the insulation...
  5. S

    Dormer on a partial loft conversion - How much & which trade?

    A few years ago, I fully refurbished my house. During that time, whilst ceilings were down, the builder replaced the joists in the attic in preparation for a future loft conversion. Plumbing and electrics were also brought up and a staircase was also fitted. All of the above was done to meet...
  6. R

    RSJ Help

    We've been having a Dorma loft conversion done, the build included the need for 5 RSJ's. One of the main issues we had been facing was freshly plastered ceilings cracking on the 1st floor, which effectively were directly below 3 of the 5 RSJ's. I decided to rip the ceilings down, I found that...
  7. T

    Loft conversion,

    Hey all. Live in a 1950 council house and trying to get ideas to start a loft conversion. The problem is the chimney is in middle of house, and also king post. I am unsure is the chimney is supporting the Perlins. It a very confusing loft with the chimney in middle with wall slitting both sides...
  8. C

    Hip to gable question

    Hello all.. I'm researching a loft conversion under permitted development for a semi. By my calculations a hip to gable and a dormer exceed the 50 cubic m volume allowed. What I'm trying to find out is whether a hip to half hip (clipped gable, jerkinhead) roof is still allowed under...
  9. M

    Loft Conversion joist question.

    I'm currently in the process of converting my loft in to a 4th bedroom. I've replaced the joists with 7x3" C16 spaced 400 apart. The majority of these are supported by a supporting wall running through 3/4 of the middle of the property. My question is: Can I use two non supporting walls...
  10. jellybeanmusic

    New stairs - what should I consider?

    I have purchased a house from an Estate. The previous owner has part converted the loft - there is dormer conversion with a bedroom, shower room, and separate landing, however it is only accessible via pull down stairs. I would like to have proper stairs fitted, but not sure where to start...
  11. Lily_20

    Party wall confusion

    Hi all, We live in a terraced Edwardian house. Neighbours currently have a partially completed loft conversion - has power, water, some insulation. They are having a dormer put in as well as a bathroom. We are yet to see any plans and they seem to be pretty unsure about what a party wall...