mist coat

  1. A

    Painting on plaster

    Following replastering of my wall I have waited five months for the wall to dry out. This will sound like a crazy amount of time but I have had a slight damp patch where the timber has been historically soaked with water ingress. The exterior brickwork was fixed prior to replastering but it...
  2. A

    Zinsser perma white over lining paper

    I've pasted some fresh 1700 grade lining paper. Is zinsser perma white suitable to paint over lining paper and do I need to thin the first coat when painting fresh lining paper of such a heavy grade?
  3. Laura2307

    Mist coat patches

    Hi, I have just done a mist coat on a newly plastered wall. There are patches where the mist coat doesn’t seem to have taken fully. Would this be ok to paint over in 24 hours? Or do I need to put something else on the wall?
  4. K

    Primer / mist coat came off in patches when removing wallpaper

    Hi, We recently moved into a new house and stripped a bedroom of really thick wallpaper that had also been painted. On taking off the wall paper it has also removed some of the primer / mist coat from the plaster in some quite big patches on two walls (see photos). We want the end finish to...
  5. J

    Unusual pattern when plaster drying - causes issues when mist coating

    Hi, We recently had our 1930s house replastered throughout and noticed some patches appearing through the mist coat. It’s been 5 weeks since the plastering was complete and appears to be totally dry. When painting the issues seem to be where the plaster has some patterning as the attached...
  6. J

    Patches on mist coat of new plaster

    Hi, We’ve recently bought an older house and have had a full house skim. The fresh plaster has been left for minimum of 4 weeks and appears totally dry. When we’ve started painting a mist coat there appears to be some areas which aren’t covering too well and appear patchy. The mist coat doesn’t...
  7. Itsalut

    Bathroom mist coat scratching off

    Oh it's a mist coat question here we go. So I waited 4 days for fresh plaster to dry, sanded any rough bits, wiped with damp cloth then dry microfibre cloth until the cloth was clean. Mixed 50/50 water and Dulux white Matt emulsion (the big 10l cheapish tub) and painted it on. It went on fine...
  8. sebeard

    Bathroom Ceiling Mist Coats

    Hi, I’ve recently had a new bathroom installed and it’s pretty much finished bar the freshly plastered ceiling. I know I need to put on a mist coat first and paint over that with a specialist bathroom paint. What I’m not so clear on is what paint to use for the mist coat in a bathroom. Would...
  9. I

    Bathroom Ceiling Paint Not Sticking

    Hi, my first post on here so please bear with me. We are getting our house ready to sell and are going through a few choice rooms making them good before putting the house on the market. Everything going swimmingly when a simple paint refresh over the bathroom ceiling start of December has...
  10. J

    Help! Paint won’t stick to walls

    I’m in the process of redecorating our living room. I stripped off the wallpaper and found a layer of white paint beneath that wad flaking off in many places, so I decided to strip this all off as well. I want to paint the walls so I patched and sanded them where needed and then washed down with...
  11. J

    Peeling paint

    Hi We recently has the bedroom walls skimmed and left the plaster for about a week before doing a mist coat. We used watered down leylands (I’m not sure on the exact ratio, but I was super generous with the water to be on the safe side), and did 2 coats of this. It was left like this for...
  12. M

    Ceiling patches after painting ceiling Help. (Prior patch work fix) PU flex filler. Help

    Hi All, I have run into a slight problem, my ceiling had some very bad cracks in them, I reached out to my plaster who plastered the ceiling and cracks. A month passed and the same old cracks returned. Mist coat was applied to the new plaster ceiling after a few weeks. I informed my plasterer...
  13. H

    Mist coats

    Hoping you can help as I made a mistake on my painting - I had been using a plaster primer that didn't need diluting for a mist coat. Everyone told me to 'just use Leyland Trade' which I did, but I didn't add the 10% water for the mist coat. Currently I have a base coat (not diluted) on the...
  14. N

    What did I do wrong?

    Hello We had an extension, and I painted one of the new rooms with a coat of Dulux Matt emulsion {edit - thinned by 10%}, followed by another normal coat on the upper half of the walls about 4 hours later. My intention was to mask off horizontally and paint the lower half with a couple of...
  15. O

    Didn't water down Supermatt before painting plaster...

    I painted Dulux Supermatt onto dry plaster without watering it down (stupidly not reading the instructions I just used it like I usually use paint). I now realise - too late - that I should have watered it down (just from actually reading the instructions). I did the first coat yesterday and...
  16. H

    Mist coats 'in quick succession?'

    I've read in other threads about putting on mist coats 'in quick succession.' What sort of interval are we talking? Literally starting a new coat once the previous coat is finished (stopping for a quick cuppa of course) or leaving it a day or so?
  17. B

    New plaster- undercoat ok or need a mist coat?

    Hi folks, Just got one room skimmed on some walls, bonded and replastered on other walls. But walls and ceiling are all now freshly plastered. Guys in the decorating center said this stuff (johnsons professional undercoat) would be fine for an undercoat and no mist coat would be needed. Most...