no hot water but heating ok

  1. C

    No hot water

    I have an oil fired boiler, an indirect water cylinder and only one zone valve. The hot water tank was replaced around five years ago. Until recently boh hot water and central heating worked fine. The hot water has to be also selected for the central heating to work. I am doubtful that the zone...
  2. N

    No hot water - intermittent - ecoTec Plus

    Woke this morning to no hot water but heating was working fine. Checked the forums and checked all the common problems: Water and boiler pressure both ok Timer ok (hot water set to all day) No leaks and condenser pipe not frozen No error codes Tried running hot water with heating turned off...
  3. BillyWillySilly

    Tepid water from hot taps unless another is running

    We have an odd issue where our shower room (closest to the boiler/hot water tank) does not turn hot unless there is another hot tap further down the system running. Daughter went for a show last night and said there was no hot water and I checked if the tank was warm to the touch - and it was...
  4. S

    Vaillant Hot Water Mode

    I have just bought a house with a Vaillant ecoTec 637. The previous owner had some terrible Honeywell system installed but took all the controllers. So I can’t control the system, and in particular I can’t get the hot water on, no matter what I do. I had previously used a tado system, so I have...
  5. ThePrisonerOfZenda

    Worcester combi boiler- Luke warm water situation

    I have a Worcester 25i combi boiler and would appreciate any advice... issue - my hot water isn't hot.. This last week, its started running luke warm... I gave the heating a blast this evening & hoped that it might do something helpful, but no, radiators were indeed red hot... water still only...
  6. Andrew Green

    Oil boiler no hot water

    We have no hot water and it sounds as if the boiler is failing to ignite (when the timer turns the boiler on for hot water we just get a repetitive pinging/banging noise and only lukewarm water, while the heating system is fine). We did not have this problem until 2 days ago. Before that...
  7. A

    Oil combi boiler - heating but no hot water

    We seem to have run out of hot water. :( It's a Worcester Heatslave, oil-fired combi boiler, 25 years old. When I open the hot tap, I can hear the electrical click in the boiler housing as it senses the demand, but the burner doesn't fire up. The central heating side of it works fine though...