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  1. Rawflippa

    Elvox 6200 - Buzzes but can't unlock door

    Hi Folks, Just recently moved into a new flat and after a week had some visitors up, it seems though that my entry phone isn't unlocking downstairs, great for the legs but I'm top floor so not ideal! Appears to be an Elvox 6200, I can hear the person on the other end and they can hear me...
  2. C

    Neff Oven fan not working and bulb inoperative

    Hi all, I have recently been fitting a replacement kitchen and with the kind help of some of the people on here have finally managed to get to a stage where the appliances are in. The oven is a Neff b1881n0gb, but the fan doesn't work. Listings show that the fan is bespoke for this model oven...
  3. S

    Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Boiler - constantly on during eco

    Hi there, I've just moved into a new house and have a Worcester Greenstar 30CDI boiler. The boiler is constantly humming away and giving off heat so must be heating something. I presumed this was the pre-heat function since when we moved in, the eco button wasn't lit up green and the temp...
  4. Abdul23

    Scantronic 9000 Series keypad not working

    Hello, I recently moved into a town house with a Scantronic 9000 series alarm fitted with the property. I have been activating/deactivating the alarm from the control panel keypad as normal and a few months in most buttons and numbers suddenly stop working when pressing on the keypad. The...
  5. Gwreay

    Drayton ZA5 zone valve actuator not working

    Afternoon, First post on here but you all seem like a really helpful bunch, hoping to find the problem with my valve. When called for heating there is no movement in the motor, we put in a new one just incase and still nothing. I've measured the voltage across the points powering the motor...
  6. P

    Vailliant boiler issue (S.O -Heating issue, no heat demand)

    Hello, My Vailliant boiler was showing F.27 (incorrect sensing of flames). I opened the panel and replaced the 2A fuse. After that the boiler stopped responding. Status code now is S.O (Heating issue, no heat demand). Does not respond to opening hot water tap or turning on the radiator...
  7. M

    Seat ibiza 2009 key wont lock or unlock remotely

    Hi I've got a problem with my key fob for seat ibiza 2009 sport 1.4 (2008-2017) wont lock or unlock remotely. Its a 3 button key, same as for VW. I only have one key and i can only lock and unlock manually. Has anyone got a procedure how to sync/ reprogram the key fob? Any help will be much...
  8. Wildey

    Running out of Ideas

    All radiators are cold, pump is ok, boiler is firing, hot water works, bi directional valve working. Pipes leading from the pump are good and hot but absolutely nothing at the radiators. Struggling as to what to do next
  9. eveares

    Is this even real?

    Does one in the land of the free not know about water valves? :D:rolleyes: Skip to 6:00 for the fix!
  10. T

    Shower stopped working - where to start?

    Hi all, You'll have to forgive me for my lack of any sort of experience with showers but I was hoping to get a "starter for 10" of where I would start troubleshooting my shower which has failed to start working this morning. Usual routine - pull rip cord to switch the supply on and turn the...
  11. S

    Drayton Digistat SCR not switching boiler on

    Hi my Drayton Digistat is not firing my boiler up. I have changed the batteries in the controller, replaced the capacitor in the receiver and reset it numerous times. The boiler is working for hot water. When the controller sends the signal to switch the heating on the receiver alarm light...
  12. C

    Risco WisDom Burglar Alarm Auto Unsetting Itself

    Hi, Bought a house which has a Risco Wisdom, was totally dead no power at all. Had an engineer look at it - no fuse to power supply. He turned it on and looked through past events which were all garbled and said the control panel was goosed. Then managed to get it working and briefly explained...
  13. R

    Double Light to Double Dimmer Switch - Problem

    Hi, I have messed up our living room double light switch a little bit whilst trying to fit a new double dimmer. Both lights are on the living room ceiling left and right from the door when coming in. Made the beginner mistake of not remembering how the wires were connected when I took the...
  14. M

    Candy cdi 1020 Dishwasher not working

    Last night I loaded the dishwasher as usual and selected the programme (p4), and then it started beeping and the lights for programme 1 and 2 were flashing. So I then tried again I turned the dishwasher off and then back on and set it to p4 and it did the same so I then turned it off again and...
  15. Dane2594

    Immersion heater not working

    Hi, I've bought a house and been here a year now but the immersion heater is not working now. It randomly stopped one day so I bought a new element/stat and swapped them over. It's a basic cylinder with a single element entry at the top. I've replaced it of a similar element of the same size...
  16. N

    Old Belling Ceramic Hob stopped working

    Hi all, I was using last weekend, all 4 rings of my hobs in full power, and the oven in the same time. But, unfortunately, everything stopped working. I thought it was the disjunctor general but it was not. I figured out that the wall fuse for this was ok too. Then, without doing anything...