1. G

    SE padstones instructions

    Hi All, Doing my first wall knock through since building a workshop and work has stopped due to padstone. Our SE has written: Min 500 x 100mm Padstone bridge across cut cavity in 7n block at 450mm vertical cr And 400 x 100mm on the other side. The pier itself is only 270mm which the builder...
  2. joanne sayer

    RSJ on Blue bricks

    Universal Beam 1.8m length 1.46 opening in single leaf wall. Supporting walls are 350mm and 400mm wide. SE has specified 3 courses of blue bricks rather than a padstone. Do I get the brickie to lay the 3 courses in normal brick pattern, or are they stacked one on top of the other? Given...
  3. N

    Thermalite 3.6n blocks for steel - Help needed

    Hi All, Can somebody help me? I am doing an extension rear single storey, side double storey 7.6X3.5m front single storey on a semi. My question is about a double-storey wall. On left side I got an old wall (existing) backside steel sitting on the goalpost, first floor wall I can build on...
  4. R

    Padstone size - confused

    I have the spec of my padstones from my SE - but he has gone AWOL and I am unable to clarify with him what exactly he means. This is a single RSJ, with top plate, that will be supporting an old, standard brick cavity wall (approx. 300mm wide). The structural calcs refer to "Padstone 1 & 2" -...
  5. O

    Is a padstone always required?

    Hi, I'm having built single storey extension with a bifold leading to the patio. It will have a flat roof, so not much weight. The opening is 3.6m brick to brick, thermalite inside and concrete block outside, 100mm cavity. I assume this is too wide for a pre-stressed lintel so considering a...
  6. G

    Masonry void fill - structural

    Hi, I have to fill in the void of a removed chimney breast because half of a padstone supporting a UC 203x203x71 is situated there. How would you fill in the void (16cm thick) ? Blocks, bricks? A lintel may be required to build from, but unsure where to situate it.
  7. D

    is RSJ correctly supported?

    Guys, I have a builder in doing some work for me. He put up an RSJ where there was previously a load bearing wall. Can you comment on the photos? I'm not 100% confident in what's been done. New RSJ spans 5 metres and also supports smaller pre-existing RSJ. Areas of concern, - Pad stone 80mm...
  8. V

    Posts require to at lateral stability to single skin wall?

    Hi all, I am looking to open up my downstairs with a few RSJs and columns, see images below: Existing 3D by Vennegoor posted 25 Mar 2021 at 2:18 PMProposed 3D by Vennegoor posted 25 Mar 2021 at 2:18 PMExisting Plan by Vennegoor posted 25 Mar 2021 at 2:18 PMProposed Plan by Vennegoor posted 25...
  9. T

    Padstone for Bifold Steel beam?

    Hi I have a single storey extension going in with a 4m long bifold to the garden, it is likely that due to this span we would be installing this steel with welded plate as you’ve shown in your detail drawing. My question is: Where this steel is supported at either side of the bifold, will the...
  10. S

    PadStone Sizes?

    :?:Structural engineer has stated padstone sizes to be used as 330x100x150mm and 250x250x150mm. I assumed these would just be off the shelf padstones, but neither TP or MKM do them. My question is, do I have to use those sizes, or can I just get off the shelf ones? any info, help or advice...
  11. C

    How to extend a 5x3 shed concrete base to 6x4?

    Pretty self explanatory really. The old shed I assume has been there for decades (it looked old when I moved in 10 years ago) and is on a concrete base of 5x3 foot. I want to replace it with a new shed that is 6x4, but a quick Google search suggests it is not practical to extend a concrete base...
  12. J

    Rsj bearing help???

    Recently had an rsj installed as dinning wall has been removed. Rsj sits on internal skin on a pass time, but only has 80mm bearing on each side? Will this be okay?? Thanks in advance
  13. K

    RSJ Padstone - HELP

    I’m creating an opening (Proposed 1700mm wide) in my rear external ex solid wall (it has been rebuilt using cavity with a width to match existing, 230mm, just in ground floor and half length of the wall). There is a small window and a 900mm door in that wall panel I want the opening in for the...
  14. D

    Dispute between SE and Builder

    Hi all, We have had an extension done and have recently knocked through and put in a large steel. The builder (and project manager) has put the steel on a padstone and the padstone is suspended across the two leaves of the cavity wall. The cavity wall that it is sat on used to have a closed...
  15. D

    Installing an RSJ - Looking for Advice on how to install

    My house is a 2007 build and i'm planning on removing the 3m wall between the kitchen and dining room to open it up. The wall is a breeze block support wall, supporting the upstairs floor joists only. Plan of action Get RSJ calculations from a structural engineer Notify Building Control and pay...
  16. L

    What is the correct method for installing padstones and steel pfc

    I have just started my own DIY loft conversion. I have already obtained planning permission and building regs permission. I removed all of the rubbish from the loft and then had scaffolding installed. The structural engineer drawing specifies three loft pieces of PFC steel beams which are 4.9M...
  17. R

    padstone size doesn't seem standard

    Hi, so i am pricing up a job so i know roughly what it will cost and i've used this document which gives beam size and padstone required for typical applications. The trouble is every builders merchant i've rung only does a 440x215x102...