1. JD2012

    Slab buying Advice.

    I was out in my garden and noticed one of the slabs on my footpath around the lawn was loose. There was some weeds etc underneath. When i had dealt with all that I put it back level. When I was standing on it it cracked down the middle lol. It was not a proper slab but poured concrete I think...
  2. E

    Laying Clay Pavers

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about getting some Bexhill Clay pavers from here I have never laid pavers before but would like to lay a path very similar to the one in the attached photo: The pavers are 200mm x 58mm x 48mm and I...
  3. J

    Victorian path restoration

    Hi all, Hope no one's melting in the hot weather! I'm looking for some advice on the best way to restore our path in the photos attached. Best products and methods to use to clean it properly. Best thing to re-grout with if that's the best thing to do. And any recommendations on the best paint...
  4. JD2012

    Best Paving Slab Cleaner?

    Can anyone recommend a good paving slab cleaner for removing algae etc? I don't have a Pressure Washer. The ones that seem to be good on the internet are: Wet and Forget Spear & Jackson Spray and Leave Patio Magic Patio Cleaner Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  5. S

    Opening in path

    There is an opening in the concrete pathway next to the front door. See photos. I dug it out. I was expecting to find an old drain or pipework. However, there was no drains or pipes, just soil and at the bottom what appears to be sandstone Do anyone know what this was made for.
  6. S

    Resin coated driveway

    I'm asking for some advice on suitable type of resin bond for driveway. Needs to be a thin layer 1cm thick, but long lasting and bond to concrete with stone chippings to prevent the stones from wearing away. What kind of price can I expect for the surfacing including materials? It is a 3x3m area.
  7. Redend12

    How to lay pavers for garden path

    Hi guys diy newbie here looking for advice / mentor to walk me through the process of laying paving slabs I’ve removed the old broken concrete so it’s just down to soil so ready to start an buy my pavers then lay if any one would be willing to help me out more than greatful and put me in the...
  8. M

    Advice for relaying path

    We are planning on tackling our front garden finally but im a bit stumped on how to approach it. We just want to relay the path to the house and the side path with some new slabs and improve the font steps. The problem is that its very uneven and slopes down, and the part to the side of the...
  9. C

    Relay quarry tile path

    We have an outdoor path leading to the front door that is laid with unglazed victorian quarry tiles (6x6 inch). Several of the tiles are cracked and need replacing and the grout between the tiles has all but disappeared. I was thinking of lifting and relaying the path, replacing broken tiles...
  10. A

    Waterlogged garden and path

    I have a path and garden to the front of the property and lately with the amount of rainfall I've noticed the path and parts of the garden are getting water logged. Please see attached pics. Any ideas of how I can fix. Any advise and tips much appreciated.
  11. S

    Stepping Stone Path on Gravel

    Hi I'm looking to make a path similar to the attached pictures - just wanted to check the steps how to do this.. Slab size is 80cm x 40cm (not square ones like in the picture) 1. Dig out 100m deep 2. Put 100mm compacted hardcore 3. Put DPM sheet / Weed protection fibre to prevent weeds growth...
  12. C

    Plastic sheeting under gravel patio/path - bad idea?

    We moved into our current house a couple of years ago. The area directly in front of the house was gravel, with blue plastic sheeting underneath. Looked OK when we moved in - doesn't now. Lots of patches of blue plastic which aren't very appealing. So, first question would be how to sort this...
  13. D

    Driving on concrete slabs. What to bed them on?

    My parents have a path around their house made of semi decorative concrete 18inch slabs. Due to the nature of the otherwise gravel driveway these get drive on repeated and are not standing the pace. They need re-laying on a firmer footing but they are not sure what to spec. Most of the path...
  14. D

    Hardcore Sub Base for gravel path

    I have had some useful responses on the height of a gravel path which I am building alongside my house. Below the gravel path I want to put a hardcore sub base as that is what has been suggested. However I am too tight to buy a load of hardcore as I have lots of rubble/gravel/old cement and...