Stepping Stone Path on Gravel

27 Aug 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi I'm looking to make a path similar to the attached pictures - just wanted to check the steps how to do this..

Slab size is 80cm x 40cm (not square ones like in the picture)

1. Dig out 100m deep
2. Put 100mm compacted hardcore
3. Put DPM sheet / Weed protection fibre to prevent weeds growth
4. Mix concrete and put only where the slabs will be going
5. Place the slabs level and wait to dry
6. Add gravel / stone chippings onto the DPM sheet / weed protection sheet

  • Is this the right order of steps?

  • Any tips for keeping the slabs in a straight line?

  • What kind of edging do i need to put to prevent the gravel falling into the lawn we will have on the side of the path?

  • The ground has a slight fall. should I make each slab level with a fall from one slab to the next? or should each slab also have a fall?

  • Would water collect at the bottom of the DPM membrane underneath the gravel?

Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 13.46.14.png

I want the slabs to be slightly higher than the gravel so that gravel doesn't keep falling onto the slabs
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Not a paving expert but your method seems ok to me. (someone with experience may prove me wrong, LOL).
To keep the slabs in line simply run 2 string lines along the path you want to follow from stakes driven in at each end, (Like brickies do to help ensure a straight wall). If you are going to meander the path set the string around stakes so it follows the route you want to go. To make sure you have the distance between the strings make a cut batten so the length is the same size as the width of your slab.
You could try plastic lawn edging to hold the gravel in place from the lawn but I prefer something more robust such as a row or double row of bricks laid flush with the lawn and the gravel slightly lower.
If you set the string at the top to the height you want to first slab to be at, and then set it at the same height from the ground at the finish point, this will give you a natural fall that follows the ground fall.
Water shouldn't pool on the membrane under the gravel if you have good natural drainage.

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