1. Concrete Lip Retaining Gravel

    Concrete Lip Retaining Gravel

    concrete lip retaining gravel.png
  2. D

    Can I put gravel/stones onto membrane?

    I’m renovating the entire garden and after digging everything to soil I am starting with a patio size 300cm by 180cm. I have about two bag fulls of gravel/stones that surfaced when digging the soil and I wondered if they could act as part of the sub base? I’ve laid down a membrane over the top...
  3. F

    Laying Gravel

    Hi all, Have begun the process of removing grass in my front garden, have tilled the compacted soil for levelling. The bit we are doing is a square and we are going to replant a hedge at the front, have some raised beds down one side and a square of plants in the middle. The rest we are going...
  4. D

    Cheap way to improve driveway

    Morning all :-) We’re renovating our recently purchased home. The driveway is (once was) concrete - but it’s all broken up and crumbling. Past the point of fixing small areas. We’re considering gravelling it - it’s a really large area though (front can house 3 cars then it goes down the side...
  5. leaf17

    Block paver apron for gravel driveway

    Hi all, I'm planning on adding a short block paver apron between the footpath and my gravel driveway. My question is about how I keep the pavers in position given that they'll be driven over regularly. The pavers are only 50mm thick and so I don't think that simply haunching them where they...
  6. M

    Patio above damp proof course?

    Does the patio in this picture look ok? There's a strip of gravel between the slabs and the wall, but I think this is above the DPC; anything to be concerned about? I'm not sure where the DPC is tbh, or if having gravel above it is ok.
  7. leaf17

    Edging for block pavers in gravel drive

    Hi all, Planning on turning our concrete drive into a gravel drive with block paver path leading to the house. I was planning on doing the path first then gravelling around it. Given that the path will just have gravel either side, how should I keep the pavers in place at the sides? I'm...
  8. N

    gravel drive and membrane

    Hi all Just after a bit of advice regarding the use of a membrane under a gravel drive. Im having my existing drive dug out next week and installing a gravel replacement but was wondering once its dug out, is it best to membrane all the area prior to compacting the type 1 and bedding the...
  9. S

    Stepping Stone Path on Gravel

    Hi I'm looking to make a path similar to the attached pictures - just wanted to check the steps how to do this.. Slab size is 80cm x 40cm (not square ones like in the picture) 1. Dig out 100m deep 2. Put 100mm compacted hardcore 3. Put DPM sheet / Weed protection fibre to prevent weeds growth...
  10. J

    is this ballast or Gravel concrete mix? I had to dig a trench and now need to fill back

    As per attached photos. Do you reckon this is a mix of Gravel 20mm or just ballast? I would need to match the mix to back fill a trench. Thanks
  11. Shazad.m.

    Gravel sub base

    Hi All, currently trying to build a shed base/ paved area at rear of garden. Total area for the slabs is 5.4 sq m. I have dug down 11cm and started to now fill this with about 5cm coverage sub base which I made myself out of gravel ; bits of concrete and dry soil. However I have not got a hand...
  12. T

    Gravel type for garden prep

    Hi chaps, I am needing to flag or astro turf my garden, so its weedy at moment so gonna lay a bed of gravel (undercore?) and flatten in prep for whats next, at least it will look better for now and keep the weeds away, I also want the same gravel undercore to be able to fill in parts of my...
  13. C

    Plastic sheeting under gravel patio/path - bad idea?

    We moved into our current house a couple of years ago. The area directly in front of the house was gravel, with blue plastic sheeting underneath. Looked OK when we moved in - doesn't now. Lots of patches of blue plastic which aren't very appealing. So, first question would be how to sort this...
  14. Dan Rowland

    Gravel driveway on a slope...

    Hello everyone, I hope you don't mind me asking for some advice :) I have a gravel driveway with a 4x3m sloped bit, on which currently there is no gravel. I want to extend the gravel to this area, and plan to use some Floplast Ground Grab Tiles from Screwfix. At the moment, the sloped area is...
  15. L

    What should hardcore comprise of?

    We've got two bulk bags of hardcore for a patio but unlike the other bags we've had these have no larger stones in at all and are just basically sand and really small gravel. Is that normal and would it be ok to go under a patio? Thanks
  16. V

    Which gravel to cover a flat roof?

    Hello Please excuse this newbie question, but I'd like to replace the gravel/ballast on my garage roof which is flat with a slight slope. The smallest gravel they sell at my local DIY is 10mm pea shingle, but the gravel I am replacing is much smaller, here is a photo comparing each of them...
  17. J

    Help!! Gravel patio DIY drain question

    Hi, The decking in our back garden rotted and caved in, so we have decided to take it up and have a patio instead. We have a very sloping garden, and not much sun with a lot of algae growth, and after getting a few quotes for stone patios, we instead decided to install a gravel patio ourselves...
  18. JamesAtkin

    Gravel Drive Help!

    Need some help. Have dug up my front garden to lay a gravel driveway. Have put down a hardcore base and a membrane however have totally botched the gravel. Have laid it too thick and it's now like a gravel trap. Its about 4 inches. However it's level with the road. Think I dug too deep. Is...
  19. D

    Gravel path along house

    Hi there, Help please, I am building a one metre wide gravel path alongside my house. Does it all need to be 2 bricks below the DPC? I have hit really tough ground and am struggling to dig it down any further. Hoping I can get away without but still want to do the right thing! Many thanks...
  20. Ouch77

    Remove poor, shoddy tarmac and turf?

    Some bright spark in years past (70's I reckon, given what other detritus I've dug up) had decided to lay some tarmac type stuff in my back garden, in a strip adjoining the lawn. My desired outcome is to extend the lawn over this area (about 1x7m). It's a fairly undefined patch of tarmac...