1. Martur

    Second floor terrace has gaps between slabs for drainage. What should I do?

    Hello! I have a second floor terrace with big gaps between the slabs for drainage. Weeds grow there non stop. Last year I bought a compound to grout them but my father in law advise me to leave the gaps to allow drainage so I never ended up using it. The other day I just thought I would sow...
  2. D

    Laying Paving Slabs In Garden

    Hi, We have garden paving slabs (430mm x 430mm) in about 6m sq section. There are always weeds growing out of the gaps, have plucked them out several times and also several slabs are slightly uneven with a few cracked. Slabs can be lifted off quite easily as they are just laid on sand. I am...
  3. U

    Anyone heard of anything I can use to supplement my slabs over-hang?

    Hi all, When we got our garden done last year we had major issues with the porcelain slabs. I won't bore you with the details but, basically, they needed lifting and re-laying which has resulted in us only having a small over-hang. Also the water runs through the gaps between the tiles. This...
  4. JD2012

    Laying Slabs Tool

    I have been fixing slabs that were not level. Is there a tool I can buy for tamping them down better? I seem to remember one but forget whats its called LOL.
  5. stratford_noob

    Re-bedding patio slabs

    I wanted to repoint my patio + fix some wobbly slabs. But it turned out a lot of them (23) were actually wobbly and after taking them out, I'm kind of stuck what to actually do. The original mortar was pretty high and applied in "blobs" so I was thinking I should just remove some of it and use...
  6. R

    Flooded area in patio

    Hello, New slabs and patio was installed last year. It has been OK until this summer where it seems that some slabs have sinked creating a small area of the patio (below the table, in the pics) that now gets flooded when there is medium rain (very often where we are!). Trader is clearly rogue...
  7. JD2012

    Best Paving Slab Cleaner?

    Can anyone recommend a good paving slab cleaner for removing algae etc? I don't have a Pressure Washer. The ones that seem to be good on the internet are: Wet and Forget Spear & Jackson Spray and Leave Patio Magic Patio Cleaner Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  8. Radders_23

    What slab is this?

    Hi all! Hoping someone can help. We've had a slab chip in the garden and I am hoping I can find a replacement. Please see pictures. Thanks in advance!
  9. B

    Law on ownership - Slabs going to tip

    Hello This is going to be a very bizarre question. A neighbour of mine was getting a gardener to replace a patio with a new one. The gardener was smashing up the slabs so put them in the back of his van. I asked the gardener if I can have the slabs. He send yes, he'll stack them up for me...
  10. M

    Advice for relaying path

    We are planning on tackling our front garden finally but im a bit stumped on how to approach it. We just want to relay the path to the house and the side path with some new slabs and improve the font steps. The problem is that its very uneven and slopes down, and the part to the side of the...
  11. marty3

    Concrete steps with slabs on top, mortar bed size

    I am in the planning stages of building a 3m long retaining wall with 2m wide steps in the centre. I am planning on constructing this with forms and pouring concrete. I am designing the steps to have concrete slabs on top for a nice finish so want to work out the tread and rise that gets the...
  12. F

    Temporary patio

    Hey, I’ve got some of the basic square paving slabs and want to extend what patio we already have. I just want an easy, basic way of laying these. Can I just dig up the grass and lay the flags or will I need to put sand underneath? I don’t want to spend a lot of money just for this temporary...
  13. J

    Advice on fix: Damp floor inside balcony doors.

    Hi, I am putting down new flooring on our top floor apartment (2007) that we just bought. One room has a balcony. It seems dampness is coming in from the balcony - particularly after rain [maybe that's obvious :o) ]. Is there any way to fix or mitigate this before putting down vinyl? Any...
  14. S

    Newly laid patio with Indian sandstone with marks appearing

    Hi I’ve recently had a sandstone patio laid on compacted type 1 with wet bed by a landscaper. The last few days white marking is appearing on the slabs, if the slab is wet, these marks appear back really quickly, has anyone any idea what they are, what caused them and if they can be removed...
  15. S

    Stepping Stone Path on Gravel

    Hi I'm looking to make a path similar to the attached pictures - just wanted to check the steps how to do this.. Slab size is 80cm x 40cm (not square ones like in the picture) 1. Dig out 100m deep 2. Put 100mm compacted hardcore 3. Put DPM sheet / Weed protection fibre to prevent weeds growth...
  16. V

    Cutting thick Paving Slabs

    Hi I have some old paving slabs which are very thick and heavy. They measure 2ft x 2ft 6" and are 3" thick. I think they used to be called council slabs. I'd like to cut one of these leaving a straight edge to finish a path. What is the best way to do this please? I thought about putting a...
  17. BruceyBonus00

    Laying outdoor slabs/tiles and artificial grass

  18. J

    Builders sand used under slabs

    Hi I have just finished building a small raised patio area. I was recommended by a handyman I know that I could lay a sand base and then just sprinkle some cement on before i laid each slab (400mm x 400mm) for stability. We laid a base of hardcore and then just about 1cm of sand, flattened it...
  19. M

    Paving Slabs v Indian Stone

    We've got the old paving slabs 3'x2' round the house. Old and ugly. Dont like Indian Stone. Any other options?. Dont like the little thin flags as break.. Maybe some modern concrete style 2'x2' but a bit more 21st century?
  20. U

    Some of my slabs keep coming loose?

    Hi all, I have slabs at the top and bottom of my garden. The bottom ones are rock solid but the top ones keep coming loose. I've included a picture of one that came away completely the other day when my daughter stood on the edge of it (very nearly an injury - although her face was priceless!)...