pipe fitting

  1. C

    Wet room floor drain to waste pipe

    Help! Our wet room was fitted by the previous owners, we had a leak into room below which made us investigate and we can see that there is a seal where to pipes meet that has partially popped out of place and is visible inside the pipe. After monitoring we know it’s leaking through here. I...
  2. Uma

    connecting garden hose to Tap

    Hello, I have bought the Garden pipe from Amazon and also bought the universal tap connector adopter to connect to the pipe but it doesnt seems to fit in and i think i need some sort of push fit connector, I have tired to look online on ToolStation and Screw fix but not very sure about the...
  3. P

    Anyone seen the prices of copper pipes. copper or plastic which one

    Hi All. I was just looking at the cost of a bundle of 15mm and 22mm pipe. In the middle of a huge project which requires about 6 bundles of each. Last year 15mm bundles was selling for under 70 quid at W***** and 22mm just under 120 quid, now its almost double. I cannot believe it. I am not...
  4. Iona Howard

    Moving copper pipes in floor

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give some advice on how to move some copper pipes. My partner and I are currently renovating a house and we've decided to flip the direction of the stairs to give us more room upstairs. As we'll also be moving the stairs back slightly we...
  5. G

    Shower Pumps Keep Failing

    I have now fitted the 4th replacement Shower pump, and am getting a bit pee’d off with this –so would appreciate some advice please and hope someone can guide me in the right direction please.... The shower was professionally moved in 2011 as part of a major refurb, and at that time it was...
  6. M

    Tips for fitting a bath that is flush on 3 sides

    Hello. My tiny ex council bathroom came with a walk in shower unit but no bath. the previous owner was elderly and I assume the bath was swapped out for ease of access. ive managed to get hold of a bath of exact proportions as my bathroom that will fit wall to wall against one wall in place of...
  7. G

    Testing joints

    Hello, I'm looking at slightly moving some pipework for some rads, as well as changing some valves over to TRVs. As I'll be doing a full drain down, was thinking it may be useful to make up the pipework and joins and test beforehand? I can't seem to find a tried and tested method anywhere? Was...
  8. I

    Ways to prevent a slip coupler from slipping when soldering onto a vertical copper pipe?

    Any ideals on the best way to preventing a copper solder slip coupler from slipping down a vertical copper pipe while soldering please? The reason for the question is I need to remove a section of vertical copper pipe to install a solder tee fitting to branch off. The vertical pipe is clipped...