1. speedfox

    Pointing below damp proof course, and damp patch on wall.

    Hi, I have two issues with an external wall. One issues is that the pointing in the brickwork below the damp proof course seems to be in a bad state of repair. The other is that there is a damp patch on the wall behind the chimney breasts, and it seems to have an odd "rainbow" shape to it. The...
  2. T

    Is it possible to turn this house front into brick?

    Hi, is anyone able to tell me if it is possible to make the front of this house brick please? If so, what would the process be called and if anyone has any budget range estimates that would also be great. Thank you
  3. S


    Hello I have had the artex ceiling removed by an asbestos contractor. See photo Should/ can I remove the lathes on the ceiling in preparation for a plasterboard ceiling. Should I point the walls before plastering
  4. T

    New pointing coming up

    We had our drive extended to get a second car on and the whole lot repointed, it's crazy paving and has been down for years, it's not moving and is on a very solid concrete base. I'm finding bits of the pointing coming up, it seems like there is a thin skin of solid surface but it's like sand...
  5. L


    Hi there, looking for some advice on repointing work. last summer we got a guy in to repoint the parts of our house that he said needed doing, and he did a great job. However, we had no idea that it would make the house look so patchy (see first pic) so got him back in this week and basically...
  6. L

    Is this shoddy brickwork/pointing?

    Hi, Any advice appreciated please. My builder has taken 10 months now for an extension that was quoted as being a 3 month job. He started out really well with the brickwork and it looked good, seemed to have been done properly with string line and looked great but as the walls have progressed...
  7. I

    Repoint now or next year?

    Hi, I was wondering if our wall needs repointing now or could it wait till next year? Any chance serious problems could occur if left? It looks the same as last year and we have had no leaks or damp. It's a cavity wall. I am thinking of getting an extension done next year so it would be...
  8. S

    Thermal expansion?

    Morning all.I have noticed holes appearing in a uniform fashion in verticals of my pointing..they are situated on a South facing wall , start about 2ft below gutter and appear in every other course for about 5 ft..3 holes to the left and 7 holes to right. (Hope I've explained that ok!)..the grey...
  9. D

    Repointing inaccessible walls

    Hi there, my first post here so hope I've posting this in the right place I recently bought a Victorian house that needs a lot of work doing to it, having been left to go to seed by the previous owners. Its technically a detached house, but for reasons we'll never know, the neighbouring house...
  10. A

    Mortar Mix

    Hi all, I can see there are lots of threads on Mortar but I couldn't see any which fully answered my questions. I am looking to patch up some brickwork in a fireplace in a 1926 house, I have gently wire brushed the face of the bricks and can with certainty say the mortar is lime based as quite...
  11. M

    Will this brick need repointing ?

    I am having beams installed to support a chimney stack. I noticed that whilst this beam was being installed the rear wall which the beam was to be placed on was broken through . The builder left it like this, could this lead to possible water damage in the future and should I insist that it is...
  12. B

    Drive angled towards.house causing water pooling on the side of house

    Hi there I recently bought my.house which is now showing a lot wrong with, I know I need to get the pointing done and the roof verge but have now discovered the drive drains into the side of the house, the bricks below dpc in one particular spot are saturated but not above, I am worried about...
  13. H

    Advice pointing

    Hello, Please can you look at this pointing and give me your ideas on whether it will weather in. The joints were very narrow and on reflection I don't think they have undertaken this type of work before. I am very upset and can't look at. Due to have the windows painted anf think it looks so...
  14. J

    Which plasticiser to get for pointing patio?

    I’m about to re-point my patio but unsure which plasticiser to buy. I looked on Screwfix but not really sure the difference between them all. https://www.screwfix.com/c/building-doors/additives-plasticisers/cat850194?cm_sp=managedredirect-_-building-_-plasticiser Any recommendations greatly...
  15. cbrann

    white residue on engineering bricks

    I Cleaned some tyrolean render off some engineering bricks and its left a residue on the brick, I have used brick acid, thinners, turps, wire brushes and nothing moves the residue, has anyone had any experiences like this.
  16. R

    Colour running from mortar

    Hi all need some advice. I've recently laid a black limestone patio and did the pointing in a 3 to 1 mix using sharps and, I used a mortar dye to make the mortar as close to black as possible, I followed the instructions to the T. Just after finishing pointing, the heavens opened, I covered it...
  17. L

    Repointing & Brick Repair

    Hi Guys First post on this forum, looking for some advice and guidance. Currently tidying up the appearance of my parents house. It is an ex local authority semi detached house built in the 1930/40’s (i think). Most of the house is rendered apart from the lower section of wall where 5 rows...
  18. B

    Sealing holes?

    Hello one and all, I’m doing a bit of work in my garage and need a bit of help. I’m putting some stud walls in there but before I do that I want to seal any little holes on the inside and outside. The building is mid 70’s built so naturally bits and bobs are eroding here and there. I’ll put...
  19. R

    Lime Mortar / Pointing query

    Hi all - and firstly apologies if this is in the wrong place but hopefully addresses my question! We've recently had a loft conversion done, and as part of this, have put aside a section of the eaves for storage. The builders have plasterboarded out most of the eaves area, but have left the...
  20. Humper

    Advice for fixing garden brickwork

    Hi all, We have a brick wall in our garden, which kind of supports a walkway above it, but it's in need if some TLC. I think standard pointing will do for the most if it, but there is one bit that I'm not sure if just filling it with mortar is ok. I've attached a pic of the offending peice of...