1. T

    Floor tile adhesive

    Hi Can anyone recommend the best adhesive for large format porcelain floor tiles in a kitchen? Also, is there a particular brand of latex (for the floor) that I should get? Thanks
  2. U

    How to make a slurry from SBR and cement for porcelain tiles outdoors?

    Hi there, I'm using porcelain tiles in the garden. It's quite a 'wet' garden due to run off from the neighbours land so I want to ensure that my tiles are properly primed (I've read that it's crucial with porcelain tiles). I also read that you can use SBR and cement to make a slurry and just...
  3. U

    Porcelain slabs have lifted - what are my options?

    Hi all, I've just had half the garden fitted with porcelain slabs. The builder doing the work hasn't used any "slurry" primer (although he did say that he used a PVA primer) and a lot of them have lifted. Not sure if this is due to the frost over the last month or two? He did pop round and put...
  4. U

    Fast point or grout for porcelain slabs outside?

    I've just been asked by my builder whether I want Fast Point or grout in-between the newly laid porcelain slabs (600x600x20) outside. I asked about the differences and he said that Fast Point was easier to put in and so cheaper. He said that he'd enquired in the shop and Fast Point was fine for...
  5. H

    Outdoor porcelain doorstep edging

    Hi, Got 2 600x600 22mm porcelain pavers for a doorstep extension. The step overhangs the brick base by 30mm but I’ve only just realised the porcelain isn’t black throughout - the sides are cream coloured. How can I deal with this as we don’t cream showing on front and sides of step. Looked...
  6. H

    Porcelain tile overhang

    Hi, Complete novice here but fancy a bit of DIY ... Laying 2x 600x600 porcelain tiles as step in front of our doorstep (so 1200x600). Mrs wants brick surround but if I'm taking typical dimensions of bricks that will mean on the front and sides the tiles will overhang by 4cm. Quite like the...
  7. leaf17

    Laying Patio Over Filled In Pond

    Hi all, I've started working on a 3x6 metre porcelain patio out the back of our house. I've dug out to around 150mm below finished paving level (with 1 in 60 fall away from house) so now ready to get 100mm of MOT type 1 whackered in. There used to be a wee pond about 2x2 metres big to one side...
  8. A

    Best substrate for half height tiling

    Hi everyone. I'm about to embark on a complete bathroom refit (very small bathroom approx. 3.2sqm) that will have a corner shower with full height tiling in 8mm porcelain tiles (approx 100mm across). The remainder of the room will be 9mm porcelain hexagon tiles (approx. 250mm across) up to a...
  9. bettz1

    Securing wash basin & toilet into floor

    Hi we've just had out bathroom floors tiled in porcelain tiles. I'm about to put the toilet back on and the washbasin,tilers mentioned that I'd get away without having to drill the toilet down and washbasin and that silicone will hold it secure? I plan to secure the sink to the wall as it's...
  10. V

    Sealing polished porcelain tiles

    Hello all, I have bought some polished porcelain tiles from Wickes for my bathroom (floor and walls). The manufacturer advise to seal the tiles with a LTP sealant product. I have the following questions: 1) How and when to clean the tiles prior to sealing (do I need a special product)? 2) I...