power shower

  1. Quinn102

    EcoShower heads and power showers??

    Hello, I am about to install a Hansgrohe Eco Smart shower head/riser to my AquaLisa aqua stream. Its a power shower. My concern is that the hose on the new stuff is narrower, and the eco-smart thing sounds like a flow-reduction device of some sort. Will this cause damage to my shower unit...
  2. C

    Two showers on power pump

    We have a single power pump feeding two showers. when one of the showers is on, the other shower leaks a fair bit (water comes fro shower head). The main consequence is a lack of flow to the Shower being used. The ‘leaking’ shower is a Grohe bar control - not sure what model but about 7 years...
  3. nbellyjnr

    Electric Shower Power Issue (Triton Madrid II)

    Hoping someone can help me here. Today I turned on the electric shower (Triton Madrid II) but it didn’t power on. The isolator switch light turns on initially but the light turns off when I turn the shower to any power mode. The LED power indicator on the shower does not turn on at any point...
  4. A


    Could anyone help identify this shower? Is it power shower? Any recommendations for an easy replacement? Thanks!
  5. A

    Socket circuits joined togther... somewhere

    I recently bought a house, and an electrician has been round and found that both wall socket circuits are joined somewhere, meaning that when one is off at the consumer unit, all sockets are still getting power. They have said that all sockets in the house will need to be removed and tested to...
  6. S

    pumped shower issue (needs second shower on to start the flow)

    Hi guys, friend of mine having issues with new plumbing (old pipework utilised i beleive) for pumped showers upstairs. The pump seems to work fine, located at the hot cylinder same floor as showers. the main shower fires the pump when the flow is turned on fine but when the ensuite shower is...
  7. Ash D

    Unvented Cylinder vs. Combi

    Hello all, I’ve been pointed to this forum as a source for help in a question over heating / hot water systems. Apologies for the long winded post to follow! My 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house was built on 1999 and is currently heated by a Potterton Supreme heat only boiler and a gravity fed hot...
  8. D

    Power Shower install

    I am looking at replacing my current mixer shower with a power shower (no pressure water just drips out). The system is gravity fed. Cold water straight from tank in loft space, hot water comes out of tank in airing cupboard in bedroom at same level as bathroom and goes into loft space (up...
  9. HokkaHokka

    Electric shower cutting out - Salamander CT50 Twin (2014)

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this, but yesterday our shower developed a fault and the power would not kick in. I switched it off at the power and ran the water for a bit which seemed to resolve it but we had the same problem today but worse. I managed to get it started again but...
  10. A

    Electric hot water tank and power shower

    Hi, I've recently purchased a one bedroom (all electric) flat and have quite a few questions about what to do with the current setup of the hot water installation. I mostly use the hot water for showering. I have a washing machine and a dishwasher which are self heating and storage heaters (and...
  11. S

    Problem with Old Shower Controller

    Recently had a bathroom re-fit and ended up with the shower not working properly. The original shower was fitted 20+ years ago. This has been put back. Before re-fit, there was what looked like speaker cable running from the shower valve to a pump (pump by hot water tank in airing cupboard). It...
  12. fizzlealong

    shower pump for just the hot water on pipe for shower

    Hi My mother in law had a power shower and it was with a single hot water pump and the pump was installed on the feed just before the mixer tap and the cold was from the mains, so not near hot tank on the supply to the whole house just by the hot water supply pipe to shower mixer, there was a...
  13. J

    Part P "Shower" or just "Shower Circuit"

    Is the simple connection of a power shower to the circuit notifiable? There seems some debate if its just installing the circuit, or actually connecting the shower as well. I want to keep the cost down and thought I could get an electrician to add the spur with the 3A fuse ready to connect to...
  14. J

    Bath tap/shower replacement advice needed

    Hi, First time buyer and first time poster so apologies if info is missing. I'm looking to replace the taps on the bath to include a shower head. Currently we have a low pressure water system (cold water tank in the loft, immersion heater in main bedroom cupboard) and what seems like great...
  15. M

    Install a shower pump above HW Cylinder But below CW Storage

    Just as a quick sketch is this possible? I would like to install a shower pump in my airing cupboard, due to space I cannot fit it below the cylinder, only on a shelf above. I would have 700mm of static head between the cold water storage lowest position and the pump. The shower head would be...
  16. G

    Advice on fitting a power shower

    Hi all, My brother has moved in to a new house which has a gravity fed central heating and hot water system. There is a hot water cylinder in first floor airing cupboard and hot water and central heating header tanks in the loft. His current shower is a standard mixer valve (non-thermostatic...
  17. G

    Pumps & Power Showers

    Back for another question. I've had a Salamander CT90 Bathroom Universal pump added into my airing cupboard as part of a main bathroom refit (pressure in the house on my gravity fed conventional heating system was woeful). The pump tees straight off of the hot water outlet from my cylinder and...