Bath tap/shower replacement advice needed

11 Nov 2016
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United Kingdom
First time buyer and first time poster so apologies if info is missing.
I'm looking to replace the taps on the bath to include a shower head. Currently we have a low pressure water system (cold water tank in the loft, immersion heater in main bedroom cupboard) and what seems like great water pressure coming from the bath taps.
Current shower is a plastic unit clipped onto the taps with a switch for tap/shower head control. The shower is pretty useless, hence the need to replace.
My ask for advice is whether simply changing the taps to a built in tap & shower head type would be likely to improve the flow from the shower? Or, should I forget that and go straight for a power shower?
Thanks in advance for advice or assurance, if you need further info please let me know
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Photo of the current mixer unit


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You will have a pretty good flow from the taps as they will be full flow given their age. The shower is obviously different, the head is higher up and it has restrictive pipework/shower head.

If the taps are tank fed then to get a good shower it probably need pumpeds one way or another (power shower or remote pump), unless your tanks are 10M above the shower head. Get a plumber in that's well versed in pumped hot and cold water system design.
Morning there,s alot to think about like Madrab says get a plumber who,s used to working with cylinders and water tank,s, and pumps i would say that today most of the work seems to be on combi systems which are quite straight forward when it comes to fitting shower,s.
I live in burnley lancs with lots of terraced house,s and i,ve worked on quite a few job,s with copper cylinder,s and water tank,s it can be a mine field, height of tank to cylinder, size of cyl, size of tank, i,ve had to double the size of the water tank because the water tank has to supply the cold feed side of the shower to be a similar pressure to the hot, and another issue is the length of time you can spend under the shower before it pumps away all the hot water.

Best bet get someone in to have a look go through pro,s and con,s he may suggest an electric.
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As per Mandrab and remeguy, and one more point - if the existing cold tank and hot cylinder is deemed adequate, check that the feed to the hot cyl. is higher than the cold downservice coming out the cold tank. Simply so that if the shower runs all the water out - the hot goes first. A cold shower is uncomfortable, a hot one can scald.

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