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  1. A

    Commercial - Electric vs Mixed Shower

    Hi all! I'm looking to open a commercial fitness space in London which will have 2 shower rooms (one shower in each room). Currently there's only toilets and sinks so would be creating showers from nothing. I'm being told electric will be easier and cheaper to install. But every electric shower...
  2. D

    Mixer tap turns on by itself

    I have a combi boiler driven heating system and a mixer tap in the shower, the one with temperature control knob. After a shower, when I turn off the tap, it doesn't go to zero position but the water stops completely at say 30/100 position (100= fully open). Then after few hours, mostly in the...
  3. A

    Replacing a 65mm centres shower

    I have a Aqualisa Aquastream power shower that I want to replace with a mixer shower as I'm about to go with an unvented system. The only problem is, the pipes feeding into the power shower are 65 mm distance apart. Has anyone had any experience with a similar situation? Do they sell mixer...
  4. N

    Exposed pipes

    Does anyone know of a solution for connecting exposed hot and cold water pipes to a mixer or thermostatic shower?
  5. R

    Extrenely loud noise when shower is used

    Have had a new ensuite added to a bedroom - has been fine for about 3 months, but as of last week, whenever I use the shower it makes a very loud,.noise, almost as if a grinder is running!!. Ive had the pipes looked at and the plumber said they are all fine, properly braced. The source seems...
  6. J

    New Boiler and new bathroom. What would you suggest in term of brands

    I have been quoted for a new plumbing system with 2 option. Worcester and ATAG boiler system. What your thought about these 2 brands? As I have also buy all the bathroom components including shower mixer, taps and ceramic. I know this is very objective in terms of design but what would a good...
  7. G

    Please help. Mixer shower leaking

    Hi, my mixer shower appears to drip from hose and very slowly from the shower head when it is turned off. I changed the hose but when I unscrewed it to take it off an awful lot of water came out of the bar. Is this normal? The new hose is on and its fitted correctly but after a few hours a large...
  8. L

    How to identify and replace thermostatic cartridge for shower mixer

    Hi there I hope you guys can help. My shower temperature is stuck at scolding! Which my wife doesn't seem to mind, but I find way too hot! We live in a hard water area and it's been in for around 12 years or so and it's therefore completely stuck. I'd love some help in identifying the make...
  9. I

    Mixer shower water pressure dropping after twenty seconds

    Hi My husband and I have recently completely ripped out our bathroom and installed a new one. Father in law did the pipe work for the new stuff, and we have replaced our old electric shower with a bar mixer shower, which we finished fitting last night. When turning it on, the water runs fine...
  10. E

    Triton Mixer Shower - No water flow

    Morning all, I've tried to find a similar post but couldn't find an answer anywhere so apologies if this is a repeated/common post but I do need some help. I have a Triton Mixer Shower upstairs (not 100% sure on model but looks similar diagram to Triton Antares) that I cannot get to work. It...
  11. I

    2x Mixer Showers, 1x Combi Boiler

    Hi, I have a property with 2x Mixer Showers being fed by a worcester junior combi boiler, as you can guess this means the showers don't operate correctly when they're both turned on at the same time. I'm in the process of upgrading the system and would like would advise from those in the trade...
  12. M

    Confusing overflow issue I've had for over 6 months

    Thank you for taking a look... Like I said I've had this issue for over 6 months now and have multiple different plumbers look and the problem and still no one knows what seems to be the issue. Firstly... I live in a 3 floor block of flats on the top floor, and have a new combi boiler...
  13. Awesome221

    What mixer shower for low hot pressure

    So when i run the tap the cold is powerful but the hot isn't. The tank for hot is in airing cupboard, what mixer shower preferably about £100 should i be looking at as i guess it will equal around 0.1 Bar pressure. Can anyone give me any suggestions. One thing i'm confused on Mira showers say...
  14. Awesome221

    Help with plumbing for bath tap

    I plan to install a bath - shower mixer tap. The cold and hot are the wrong way around, so i needed flexible hose to swap them. What i don't understand is how can i connect the flexible pipes to the 22mm end or the 15mm end to the receptive elbows shown in the below. As it currently has the...
  15. J

    Replacement shower - 100mm pipe inlet

    Hi there, I have a thermostatic shower bar mixer on my shwoer which has gone bust due to limescale. So I went to replace it but found that the pipe inlets are 100mm which is completely unstandard. I've looked around and can't find any similar showers with a 100mm pipe centre (apart from a...
  16. J

    Bath tap/shower replacement advice needed

    Hi, First time buyer and first time poster so apologies if info is missing. I'm looking to replace the taps on the bath to include a shower head. Currently we have a low pressure water system (cold water tank in the loft, immersion heater in main bedroom cupboard) and what seems like great...
  17. D

    Replacing a Thermostatic Bar Valve

    My shower valve seems to be stuck on cold (my new flat mate seems to enjoy cold showers, so the thermo dial is being used for the first time in a decade). I was thinking of getting a plumber in.. but at £100 to £160 I am thinking that I could replace it myself. Is there anything I should be...
  18. Cheejy

    Prv Install Location?

    Thermostatic bath mixer has started throwing out luke warm water on the hottest setting, I've been told its a pressure issue so I'm going to try and install a PRV on the cold water feed. Can anyone advise me on a suitable location to install the PRV? Next to the boiler where the cold feed...
  19. C

    Triton pc2100 mixer

    Afternoon, i have a shower over bath and separate shower cubicle (en suite) served by a triton exposed sequential mixer (Pc2100) (http://www.showerdoc.com/triton-pc2100-shower-spares) having moved to the property recently weve noticed that sometimes whilst showering the hot water fluctuates...