mixer tap

  1. D

    Basin mixer installation

    Hi, I have bought a new mixer tap for my bathroom basin to install. The flexi hoses come with 3/8 connections and I have an isolation valve to connect to. It’s too large however and I believe I’ll need an adaptor and nut and olive to get these to marry up. The things is it looks like. 3/4 inch...
  2. J

    Mixer tap cartridge disintegrated during removal

    I’m attempting to replace a mixer tap cartridge, but it has disintegrated during removal. I’m left with the plastic outer body stuck in the tap. Any ideas how I might be able to remove this? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to turn it, or pull it. Neither seems to be working. Thank you!
  3. C

    Hot water not coming through all outlets as hot - ASHP issue?

    Hi there, I'm hoping for some advice: We have an ASHP fitted about 2 years ago and for the past year(ish) we have had problems with the water coming out tepid at best, for some outlets but others have no problems at all. So en-suite shower has never had a problem but the taps are v...
  4. S

    Damaged mixer tap - should I fix or replace?

    Hi all, I have an old mixer tap. A nut around the central spout has a chunk missing from it, but I've been ignoring that since the tap will be replaced when the whole kitchen is refitted in a few months. However, when turning the spout today I felt something 'give', and it bent at a slight...
  5. JD2012

    Kitchen Mixer Tap Problem

    I have a problem with the Mixer Tap in my Kitchen. The Cold Tap seems to be slipping and won't turn off with a single turn. Is this just a washer that needs replacing or do I need a whole new tap? If its just a washer how do I open the tap? I have done this years ago but forgot what I did lol...
  6. D

    Mixer tap turns on by itself

    I have a combi boiler driven heating system and a mixer tap in the shower, the one with temperature control knob. After a shower, when I turn off the tap, it doesn't go to zero position but the water stops completely at say 30/100 position (100= fully open). Then after few hours, mostly in the...
  7. R

    Bristan tap cartidges failing after 1 year

    Hi, I have a Bristan EasyFit Echo Sink mixer in our utility room: https://www.bristan.com/products/Kitchen-Taps?code=EC%20SNK%20EF%20C It was first installed about 4 years ago and only 12 months ago my plumber swapped the cartridges having got them free under the warranty because it was...
  8. R

    How to take head gear off compression mixer tap

    One side of my mixer tap suddenly stopped working - fine yesterday, nothing today. I'm guessing that either a washer has perished or I've overtightened and damaged the olive. I can't see what the actual problem is because I can't get the head gear off. I've removed the cover, but the head gear...
  9. A

    Replacement Mixer Tap Cartridge

    Hi all, I had a problem with a B&Q Cooke and Lewis waterfall mixer tape in the bathroom, I have removed the cartridge to replace only to find it is a 28mm (numbers on the cartridge are F28D SZIS19GM). I have also measured it and it is near as dammit 28mm in diameter. Any ideas where to...
  10. J

    Bath hot tap flow

    Hi, hoping someone can make sense of my problem and point me in the right direction. The hot tap flow on my bath mixer increases if I turn on the bathroom sink hot water tap, close the sink tap and flow decreases again. The bath tap supply comes straight from the combi boiler and the sink taps...
  11. B

    Improving hot water pressure for mixer tap

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum after much lurking. I have very low hot water pressure in my upstairs basin mixer tap. Being in a maisonette there is hardly any head height from the tank (about 0.8 metres). However there is decent enough flow from the bath tap (separate hot &...
  12. Smileysmile

    Leak at base of tap

    Hi guys, I had a drip from my Deluxe chrome monobloc tap. I fixed it by removing the cold tap side and replacing washer. Now water is leaking from bottom of base. Shining torch at base and switching on tap you can see water leaking from the base. I've attached a photo. How do I fix this...
  13. Smileysmile

    Leak at base of tap

    Hi guys, I had a drip from my Deluxe chrome monobloc tap. I fixed it by removing the cold tap side and replacing washer. Now water is leaking from bottom of base. I've attached a photo. How do I fix this please? Thank you.
  14. DanMartin70

    How you I get these off to access the cartridges?

    I’m trying to change the cartridges on the mixer for a dripping tap. Can someone help with what I need to do to get these off? Thanks Dan
  15. J

    No hot water from mixer tap in bathroom

    A little while ago I had my conventional boiler upgraded to a combi. Since then I’ve encountered several problems with my plumbing. One issue is that since the upgrade, my mixer tap in the bathroom has stopped giving hot water. I pointed this out to the plumbers that upgraded my boiler before...
  16. Derekbirmingham

    Low flow on new bath mixer tap

    Hello people. Ive just had a new bath and tap fitted by a plumber. After he left i realised the hot water flow on the hot it half it was on my old basic taps. I have a copper water tank. Am i right in assuming this is the new crappy mixer tap that was fitted causing this problem people.
  17. M

    Mixer tap still leaking after changing ceramic cartridge

    HI everyone, could someone please offer some guidance please on having replaced the bat mixer tap cartridges, the hot is still leaking? It is in fact worse than it was prior to cartridge change! Pushing down on the top of the cartridge actually stops the drip, but can't keep the pressure on it...
  18. C

    (Combi) Bath Mixer Tap Hot Then Lukewarm

    Hi, We have a problem with our bath mixer tap. When you run the hot tap it does get hot for a bit but then goes lukewarm.. eventually hot again but due to the constant cycling between hot and lukewarm you can't run a hot bath. The central heating is off, the combi boiler is a Vaillant 835/2 E...
  19. O

    Grohe basin mixer tap misbehaving, but cannot get cap off

    I have a Grohe "Eurosmart Cosmopolitan" mixer tap which doesn't turn fully to the right (cold). I fear was incorrectly installed, but no way to get the cowboy back so must fix it myself. I took the grub screw out no problem, but for some reason the handle isn't coming off like it should. Is it...
  20. B

    Kitchen tap won’t stop! Replacement?

    We have a kitchen mixer tap that kept dripping so knew that the washer was going. Last night turning this off, it seemed to “snap” and the cold tap wouldn’t turn off as the handle just turns round to infinity with the water just slowing and not stopping! So we managed to get to the cold feed...