bath taps

  1. S

    Bath taps not covering holes

    I’ve got a horrible feeling that the bath mixer tap I have purchased is not going to cover the holes completely in the bath and wonder what my options are. It’s too late to return the taps unfortunately. Just to complicate things slightly, each tap is Square as opposed to the more normal round...
  2. J

    Replacing bath taps flexi shower pipe with thermostatic flow adjustable wall mount

    I’m looking to replace my current Wickes bath mounted mixer-tap shower head arrangement with a DIY fit-able thermostatic shower that would include some sort of flow adjustment on the wall at, say, chest height. The idea being to take a shower with a guaranteed temperature, irrespective of the...
  3. G

    Impact on water pressure with a shower head/Tap combo

    Hello, Does anyone have any info or advice on if/how much of an effect having one of the bath tap set ups that comes with a built in shower head attachment will have on the overall pressure? I have previously been advised that my current boiler might struggle with pressure and maintaining heat...
  4. PhilFromYorkshire

    Shower lever diverter

    I have a set of bath taps with a shower diverter. The diverter operates with a lever that turns about an eighth of a turn to swap from shower to taps - see first picture. The whole bathroom including these taps were inherited from the previous owner Unfortunately the diverter leaks - when set...
  5. N

    Wall mounted bath tap

    Hi. Bathroom project ongoing, including a wall mounted bath tap. Instructions shown in image. I am building out a stud wall 75mm from the breeze block wall, aquapanel then tiling. Wall is 1800 wide X 2400 high. Back to wall bath then going along this length. Large tiles 1200x600 standing...
  6. Joni2019

    How to remove bath tap cartridge with no grub screw

    Morning. I have a dripping bath tap that's driving me insane. Fixed the odd tap before but it was simple, this one is challenging me. Both hot and cold are quarter turn and the leak is from hot (left hand side). The hot tap turns further than it should do when shutting off, so maybe the tap...
  7. M

    Taps in centre of bath and against a solid wall (UK)

    The bath is my flat has taps in the centre, not too dissimilar to the above, except I don't even have access to the right hand side of the bath (as there is a wall there). I want to replace the taps and add a shower-head tap mixer to my bath. Is this possible without ripping the entire bath...
  8. H

    Removal of bath hot water tap

    Hi, can anyone tell me how I remove the following hot water tap please? I've taken the screw out but the part you turn for hot water won't pull away from the rest.
  9. T

    Identify collar/ring diverter valve for bath taps

    I am trying to troubleshoot a diverter valve that seems to be stuck, so I can only get water via the shower hose. I cannot get water through the bath taps. It is operated by moving a ring or collar. I have another one which works correctly and I think that I can hear a spring or something inside...
  10. J

    Bath tap/shower replacement advice needed

    Hi, First time buyer and first time poster so apologies if info is missing. I'm looking to replace the taps on the bath to include a shower head. Currently we have a low pressure water system (cold water tank in the loft, immersion heater in main bedroom cupboard) and what seems like great...
  11. M

    Tap handle removal!

    Hi there, Please can anybody help me figure out how to remove a specific tap handle. I want to upload a picture of the taps but unfortunately I can't do that from my phone. It's a bath tap. I want to remove the handle from the hot tap as the flow is minimal. It is a chrome tap with a...
  12. A

    Water seeping through bath shower mixer tap to under the bath

    Hi, Just had a new Bristan shower mixer tap fitted but I've noticed if water splashes on top of the plinth (the plinth is a separate piece with a a washer underneath it - see technical drawing) it seeps through the holes in the bath and trickles to the underside of the bath as it does not...