1. G

    What are these weird ugly pipes on wall?

    We moved from a newbuild flat into a Victorian fixer upper and there are pipes running along the walls. Example attached - first pipe running from bottom of staircase to right by front door. Second running along kitchen wall. Wondering what they are and if there’s anything we can do to hide...
  2. G

    What to do with unsightly architraves?

    Hello, we’ve recently moved into a Victoria house that was rented to tenants for decades. The architraves are scuffed and covered in many layers of paint. What’s the best way to make this look nice? Replace them or try to strip and repaint? I’ve attached a pic of the architrave around the front...
  3. G

    What are these cables?

    Hello all. Working on fixing up our Victorian house and wondering what these cables are by the front door? They’re pretty unsightly and would be great if we could get rid of them somehow.
  4. T

    Is this Artex?

    Hi! We are buying a house and we believe this is artex but I'm kind of hoping someone can tell me its textured paint or something! Its flaking away in places. We'll have an asbestos check done when we get the keys anyway but I'm getting impatient and doing as much research as I can beforehand!
  5. S

    Stopcock - Repacking - Advanced - Graphite Rope / Nylon repacking

    This is not your normal 'My stopcock is leaking - so we suggest ptfe/o-rings/locktight-thread to repack' discussion. There are tens of those types of posts - covering those solutions already. I am seeking to explore the topic of advanced/permanent repairs - to the packing material. If I have...
  6. S

    PCB replacement - procedure/recommendations & exploring the topic.

    Considering a refurbished pcb from a company named Adlink (wembley) - £40 12 month warranty. What are fellow members views & experiences on using refurbished pcb's? Looking to open the topic up & explore it in discussion - to learn something new. I'm hoping to educate myself. It will be a bg...
  7. S

    Back to brick refurb m2 prices

    Hi guys, was wondering if you could help me, I know this is a vague question and I understand it won’t be precise answers, But I’m looking for a price per m2 for back to brick renovation, I was told between £350 and £450 depending on ensuites and quality finish, Or even just to get to a plaster...
  8. B

    How much would these jobs cost to do from a home buyer report ?

    We are looking to buy a home and have had a buyers report done which has thrown up some work to be done , we can't decide if it's still worth to go ahead with the purchase so any rough estimate for the jobs at end will be very helpful thank you . Damp around rear door and back wall due to...
  9. D

    Refurbishing Crittall windows

    Would appreciate guidance on a DIY job that's new to me... I'm refurbishing a couple of Crittall windows installed in an outbuilding in the late 1950's. The putty holding the single glass pane into the galvanised steel frame has cracked in many places leaving lots of fine cracks - although the...
  10. J

    Advise on home insurance while house under renovation and vacant

    Does anyone have experience and advise on a good and cheap home insurance to use while house under renovation and vacant. tried few quotes online on gocompare etc.etc. but when selecting home under some work the website go mad and does not allow for any quote. I understand they are some...
  11. L

    Staircase Refurb

    After a lot of hunting to replace some broken spindles (kids!!!) we have now found out that our stairs are an Irish design (Archill) - God knows where our builder got this from (house is 14 years old) and we are getting extortionate prices to get replacements (one place wanted £315 delivery from...
  12. M

    REPAIR Hole in concrete floor first before using leveling compound to smooth level the floor

    Hi Guys, looking to tile my new kitchen floor, however, have come across a hickup, There is a very large hole in the concrete floor from wall to wall which has collapsed slightly. I don't know why this has happened though my suspicion is that the builder who did my extension years ago knew...
  13. Dhalsim

    Insulation advice please

    Hello all. Wondering if anyone can help me with some insulation advice. I have a 1890s Victorian terrace that had an existing DIY loft conversion done to it in the 90s. Structurally its sound but the insulation is 55mm expanded polystyrene and is between the 75mm rafters and flush against the...
  14. M

    Efficient way to fit in a new bathroom suite and tiling. Help and advice needed please.

    Hi Guys, I am in the process of fully refurbishing my upstairs bathroom, with a new suite. All of which shall be put into the same place due to the space restriction. Below is my current bathroom & floor plan which you can tell is a small bathroom. I would like the new bath, basin cabinet &...
  15. M

    Your thoughts for my Quote (door hanging, Frame & Architraves fitting, Door block etc...

    Hi All, I would like your opinions regarding a labour quote I have received for fitting door frames, architraves, hanging new doors, block door opening to make a wall, fitting 2 PVC front home doors and make new double door opening and fit frame and doors. These are the prices below per job...
  16. A

    Help with costs of refurbishment and loft conversion

    Hello This is my first post on this forum, and would be grateful if anyone cold help me out with the below I am currently in the process of purchasing a house on the south east coast and looking to do a full refurbishment and loft conversion, I wondered if anyone is able to give me a ball park...