1. B

    Plastering/painting - advice needed

    Hi, I am moving house but a surveyor picked up a leaking pipe in the soil stack, which was causing rising damp in a couple of walls. The leak is now fixed but need to get the wall fixed. The paint was cracking off and so we peeled most of the loose bits off with the aim to repaint/get someone...
  2. D

    Postcrete. Wooden posts rotting: solutions?

    I put some (allegedly) pressure treated posts into postcrete about five years ago, and I'm surprised (shocked) just how decayed they have become. See picture Is there a remedy that would prevent me having to dig them all out and replace them? If I did, I think I'd flatten the surface of the...
  3. Micky87

    Hole in laminate flooring.

    My child just dropped a hard toy on the floor and left a nice big dent in it. Just wondering what the best way to repair this is. I've no spare floorboards left.
  4. A

    How can I replace these plasterboard cavity screws?

    Hi there, I've used the forums before but couldn't find an answer to this specific problem. Quite a while ago our kitchen was part renovated, including putting up timber shelves on external walls. It's a newish build and the interior side of the walls are plasterboard, with cavity behind. The...
  5. J

    How to spec out scaffolding requirements

    I'm thinking of doing some work on the gable wall of our house and would need scaffolding installed. Set back ~30cm (is that gap allowed?), from the part of the wall to be worked on. This would be to allow some repairs to cracks in the render of the wall, some repainting, and then installation...
  6. J

    Clarification on 2t engine compression and when cylinder need replacement if scored

    Hi Everyone. I was given a non worker Stihl Edge trimmer and due of this cold weather, I decided to take it apart during the weekend. Compression test was 75psi. I then decide to remove the cylinder to see inside the condition and found a nice score starting from the bottom to the below of...
  7. R

    repairing paperless face of plasterboard?

    So the stringer of my stairs was buried in a wonky plasterboard wall, and I want to put quadrant molding on top of it. I decided to sand back the dot and dabbed wall through the skim and paper face of the plasterboard by 5mm total, then put expanding foam into the gaps by the stringer and...
  8. J

    Stihl MS 261 chainsaw low compression what to replace

    I purchased a second hand Chainsaw ms 261. it start at first pull and accelerate just fine. I checked compression and seems to be only 125PSI when usually is over 170psi when new Would you just leave everything as it and keep using or should I replace piston/rings or just rings? Any advise?
  9. P

    Damage to aerated blocks

    Hi there, any help would be greatly appreciated!! I've just taken off some tiles in the bathroom with the intention of dot and dabbing some plasterboard on to the aerated blocks (I think they're Thermalite) then plastering over the top. (It was a fully tiled bathroom but I'm changing it to a...
  10. D

    How to repair crack in micromarble fireplace backpanel

    Hi, We have a fireplace around a gas fire and the white micromarble back panel now has a thin crack that starts at the corner of the cutout for the fire and runs for about 15 cms into the back panel. The panel is plain white with only light speckles in it so it's not like the crack is hidden in...
  11. S

    Plasterboard Repair

    Hello I have a plasterboard to repair above a window on the 1st floor Please see photo The plasterboard just ends on the windows. It is not screwed into anything where it touches the window. The plasterboard moves when you on push it by the window About 8 inches before the window and above...
  12. H

    Repairing MDF WM Door - advice please

    All Can I get some advice please. Read the various threads and this is nearest to my issue, but not exact problem. I want to seal an MDF door for an integrated WM - pictures below. The front is looks fine but inside base and inside top corners have split. What should I use to seal the areas...
  13. Gavinnixon

    Help please with sandstone windowsill repair

    Hoping someone can give me some help and advice! I’ll attach photos for reference. I’m attempting to repair my sandstone windowsill. The top of the sill is in pretty good condition and I’m in the process of getting all the old paint off and sanding it down to the stone. However the underside...
  14. Gavinnixon

    Sandstone windowsill repair

    Hoping someone can give me some help and advice! I’ll attach photos for reference. I’m attempting to repair my sandstone windowsill. The top of the sill is in pretty good condition and I’m in the process of getting all the old paint off and sanding it down to the stone. However the underside...
  15. B

    Repairing random rubble wall after chimney breast removal

    I have recently removed loads of chimney breast from the ground and first floor in my property. On the first floor and in the loft, the breast wasn't tied into the party wall so it was very easy to remove. Downstairs the breast was tied in to the random rubble wall and removing it was a...
  16. A

    Repair or replace cracked toilet cistern

    I have the following close coupled toilet and the ceramic cistern has cracked. Tenant say it happened by itself. Looking at the crack is this believable or do you guys reckon is due to some accidental or other impact? I understand cisterns can crack over time due to temperature changes or...
  17. M

    Tudor boards slight rot at bottom, splice section, what resin/filler?

    I need to repair some Tudor boards, as there is a small amount of rot at the bottom of a couple of boards. I would like to splice in a new section... probably around 100mm tall. Is there some type of filler or resin I could use to glue the new sections in? something waterproof and flexible. I...
  18. A

    Entrance door canopy repair

    Hi, I need to repair my front door canopy. I am DYI capable but I'm not sure how to approach this one. As I was getting ready to repaint it I have noticed that some of the plaster is coming off. It would appear that the canopy is covered in plasterboard and then there is a thin layer of render...
  19. barnsley7

    repairing old creaky stair treads

    I want to repair an old creaky staircase for a friend on a small budget. it's an old house and taking out the existing staircase or treads are not an option. So can I just place a piece of hardwood or plywood straight on top of each existing tread. There will be a carpet going on top with...
  20. bettz1

    Repairing garden gate?

    My partners parents were going to chop up and burn a damaged garden gate they were going to install before being given a replacement. Am I right in thinking a bit of exterior wood filler, sand down and paint would fix it? Would the wood filler be ok in all weather's etc? I've got some Toupret...