1. M

    Renewed verge gaps

    Looking for a bit of advice.. I had my verge renewed last week with the undercloak being replaced and I'm a bit sceptical with the quality of the work. Firstly, there is a hanging tile basically waiting to fall, unsure how this has happened or what it actually is? There is also a big gap on...
  2. T

    Garden brick wall repair

    Hi all I've got a brick wall in my garden with a large crack in the mortar, apparently caused by a buddleia that the previous owners let get out of control. I've cut the buddleia right back and plan on injecting remaining stems with concentrated weed killer but beyond repointing the crack is...
  3. A

    Mortar mix for pointing and grinding depth

    I have 1930-40 house with what I've been told is accrington brick. The mortar looks like a black ash mix which appears to be poorly pointed with some red dyed mortar which has blown out in multiple places. The full house need repointing and I wanted to ask what would be the best mortar mix for...
  4. A

    Parapet Wall - Coping / Repointing

    Hi, I have a parapet wall which never had any coping on it. It has been leaking and now leaking into room below over the windows. I plan to install some metal coping over a plywood base. It seems there was a DPC installed under the top layer of bricks ( the vertical bricks in the photo). Not...
  5. D

    Advice for repointing

    Hi, After some advice please to repoint some brickwork above patio door. Could anyone please advise a product that would be fit for purpose and match the existing mortar colour? Also, any thoughts on why the brick work in the middle is that colour? House is 1930s semi. Thanks
  6. B

    Crack above bay window

    Hi, looking for some advice on getting the crack above my bay window fixed. I’ve added a picture of it. One contractor has quoted me £300 for using hex bars to stabilise the wall and repoint it. Another has quoted £1790 to do the work and advised that extra work may need to be done on the...
  7. G

    Sand, cement & lime mortar ratios for pointing 1880 terrace

    Hello, I'm a complete novice about this but I'd like to do some bits of repointing on the wall of my terrace. I can remember (many years ago) a builder mixed sand, cement & lime for pointing another wall but I can't emember the ratio or how to mix it. I also have no idea what type of sand (I...
  8. P

    Repointing "specialists" Puroconstruction disaster London NW25AS

    I have had Puro Construction on site doing the repointing on this 1920s building, it does not look right, can someone please advise we are in a dire situation with them at the moment
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    Hi there, looking for some advice on repointing work. last summer we got a guy in to repoint the parts of our house that he said needed doing, and he did a great job. However, we had no idea that it would make the house look so patchy (see first pic) so got him back in this week and basically...
  10. O

    Garden Brick Wall help....

    Hi everyone! I've just bought my first house, and it needs a lot of work, so no doubt I will be posting on here a fair bit. My first and main concern is the garden wall. It looks knackered to me, I don't know what to do. Basically, I want to re-point it, and potentially build it up by 2-3...
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    We had our chimney capped and repointed during the summer, however have noticed a couple of damp patches at the front and to the side. the two discoloured/ brown bits are reading high (about 37/8) but everywhere else seems fine. anyone have any idea what else could be causing it or how to...
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    Repoint now or next year?

    Hi, I was wondering if our wall needs repointing now or could it wait till next year? Any chance serious problems could occur if left? It looks the same as last year and we have had no leaks or damp. It's a cavity wall. I am thinking of getting an extension done next year so it would be...
  13. N

    Help: Repoint or Render?

    Hi there I wonder if someone here can give me some advice / help on this. In our external wall, the brickwork below the render is in poor condition. You will see in the pictures attached. One side backs onto the garden, the other is sitting below the decking. The first question I have is...
  14. D

    Shared chimney repairs

    Hey, l’ve been reading previous posts about shared responsibility for chimney stacks on terrace properties but they don’t seem to apply in my situation... I’m getting the front of the property repointed and also want to get the chimneys done. I share the freehold of the terrace house with my...
  15. M

    Repointing old bricks, not sure what mortar to use and how deep.

    I've got to some brickwork repairs to an outbuilding, it's quite old around 120 years+ The pointing is on the inside, as it's pebble-dashed, some of the current mortar I've scrapped back 25mm from the brick face. The bricks are the old slim type hand-made jobs. The mortar looks to be lime...
  16. P

    Lime mortar residue on bricks after repointing

    Hi guys, I'd really appreciate an answer to this please: I've just had the front of my house repointed using a lime mortar. There is a white residue on most if not all bricks and the front of the house looks horrible. The builder said it's just white residue which will get washed away in a...
  17. R

    Black ash mortar

    Hi - can anyone advise... is there anyway to stabilise black ash mortar as its crumbling in my garage - or is the only answer to rake it out and repoint?
  18. X

    Removing cement-based repointing

    Hi all Looking to remove the ugly cement pointing that will damage the stonework of an 1860s Terrace house. Pointing has been thickly applied over a traditional lime pointing. This will cause the stones to spall and damp issues within the property. Much of the pointing is already loose so is...
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    Rendering after repointing internal wall

    I've posted this in the plastering/rendering forum too but it's a broader question so I'm reposting here. I was planning to apply insulating render (the Bauwer Light system) to an internal wall. However, on removing the previous plaster, the brickwork is in bad shape. There are a few patches...
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    Rendering after internal repointing

    I was planning to apply insulating render (the Bauwer Light system) to an internal wall. However, on removing the previous plaster, the brickwork is in bad shape. There are a few patches where the mortar is pretty much gone from the internal layer of bricks (it's a solid Victorian brick wall)...