salamander pump

  1. andyr123

    Pump at bottom of header tank in attic

    is this do-able and will it work? - are pumps better to 'push out' the water or better to 'pull/suck' the water through? if you have your twin propellor pump with its 1 shaft running but 2 propellors are running but shower number 1 is not going but shower number 2 is operating would that (or...
  2. M

    Leaking Salamader ESP 75CPV

    I have a leaking Salamander shower pump, it's leaking from around the screw as you can see in the picture. I tried changing the position of the screw but that only made things worse so it's now turned off and all inlet/outlet valves closed, which has stopped the leak. Based on where it's...
  3. G

    Shower Pumps Keep Failing

    I have now fitted the 4th replacement Shower pump, and am getting a bit pee’d off with this –so would appreciate some advice please and hope someone can guide me in the right direction please.... The shower was professionally moved in 2011 as part of a major refurb, and at that time it was...
  4. T

    Shower Pump Help!

    Hi everyone, I am currently confused as to what pump would work as a replacement in a flat. It us currently running off a bristan varispeed 50 4150052 which is 1.5 bar, i have attached photos. It is a one bedroom flat, which consists of a bathroom (shower/bath, toilet & basin) next to the...
  5. B

    Salamander pump pulsing

    My salamander pump (RSP100 2 bar pump) supporting 2 showers, works most times, but then once it has been used, and switched off, will not work again, starts pulsing, for another 15-30mins. But this is not alsways the case. it will usually come on again in the evening, or the following morning...
  6. M

    Shower Pump to powerful???

    Hi I recently had my bathrooms refitted (main bathroom, en-suite and downstairs toilet). I have a gravity fed system, and based on the size of the showerheads (8 inches wide) I was advised to get a 3bar shower pump (by Salamander), however now I find the pressure is really high water is really...
  7. G

    Pumps & Power Showers

    Back for another question. I've had a Salamander CT90 Bathroom Universal pump added into my airing cupboard as part of a main bathroom refit (pressure in the house on my gravity fed conventional heating system was woeful). The pump tees straight off of the hot water outlet from my cylinder and...