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    Timber mock sash upper sash out of square

    Previous owner fitted a mock sash with fixed lower window and upper sash top hung on butt hinges. The upper sash is out of square with the frame with a sizeable gap on one side and tight on the other. Any thoughts if/how this can be straightened out?
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    Is this amount of condensation right for new sash windows?

    Just had my old single-pane timber sash windows replaced with new, double-glazed ones. I woke up to this amount of condensation, which is much better than the old crappy windows, but still, it can accumulate and build moisture etc. Is this right at the end of the day for new windows? Should I...
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    uPvc sash - How to restrict opening of lower pane only?

    Hello! I need to restrict the opening of the lower pane of a uPvc sash window - any idea how to do that? It needs to be something that is either permanent or can be locked with a key. I've seen sash window restrictors, but if locked they restrict opening of both windows. I only want to...
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    Eurocell or Swish Upvc Windows?

    Hi I have the option of Swish or Eurocell double glazed upvc Windows installed in my cottage. I don't want tilt and turn other than where I absolutely have to. Swish can't apparently do side opening windows because the windows are too tall so they have to be bottom opening, not sure I fancy...
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    Repairing around newly installed windows...

    We have recently installed some new sash windows and the reveal lining has been attached. I have not ordered or placed the architrave around the window but the intention is to do so. Currently it was foamed but there is some deep areas, is it ok to use Gyproc filler or better to NHL 3.5 then...
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    Sash window draught stripping

    Hi everyone. Looking for some technical advice on draught proofing sash windows I’m renovating. My current (alternative) plan is to weatherstrip the sides of the sashes themselves, where one won’t be able to see them. I’m looking for advice on suitable weather strips. I’m thinking to use the...
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    Sash Weights - different either side?

    So I am renovating my sash windows in my new house. New to doing it, but a very competent DIYer. All painted in/cords cut etc as you'd expect but wonderfully, they are all original with one exception. I have taken out both sashes and removed the weights from the first window. It is evident...