security alarms

  1. T

    Menvier TS 510 Domestic Security System Stuck in Tamper Alarm

    I have a Menvier TS 510 securiy system with 5 PIRs. Following professional redecoration work, the system is now stuck in tamper alarm mode. 4 of the 5 PIRs have been replaced with identical new ones (old ones had gone yellowish although worked correctly). I have triple checked the wiring of...
  2. J

    Window alarm that permits partial opening - exist or make - and how?

    uPVC outward-opening side hinged windows on ground floor. Would like to be able sleep with them open to say 100mm but an alarm sound if they are forced open (burglar) BEYOND this. I can't find a product that does this. ...So maybe a normal door chain (that can be unhooked for daytime full...
  3. A

    What C&K Securitech setting do we want if we want our alarm to chill the eff out

    Have an ancient C&K Securitech ST802 system, haven't had any issues with it over the years until recently, when we're all working from home and not leaving the house as much. Some setting has caused our alarm to go off every morning this week around 5:30 in the morning, to the consternation of...
  4. L

    Scantronic 9651 - Deactivate?!

    Hello, I have a Scantronic 9651 alarm which is beeping and low battery sign showing. I had it replaced by an engineer 4 years ago but I never use the alarm and just want to deactivate the whole thing... is this possible Without an engineer call out?! Thank you.
  5. I

    Honeywell Galaxy G3-48C - Call Alarm Co. Quote Code Problem

    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone could help me... I've recently got a Honeywell Galaxy G3-48C System However when I power the system on, there is a consent buzzing noise from the keypad. When I look at the keypad display it's displaying "Call Alarm Co. Quote Code 71105*" *Different code on...
  6. Matt W

    Best place to mount bell box on a bungalow?

    Hi. I have installed a few intruder alarms over the years and I have just been asked to install one for someone at a new-build bungalow, which is ground-floor only. I now have a decision to make. I can either install the bell box at ceiling height, under the eaves, at the front of the property...
  7. M

    1st timer

    Hi all please help I have a texecom 24 fitted with 2400 as per manual it's connected to the same phone line as the card reader in a shop however when I connect it up it hijacks the line constantly so the card reader can't dial out to make connection please help as I'm struggling
  8. D

    Securitech alarm going off!

    My power went off and we had electricians, britishgas and western power to try and fix the issue. It took 6 hours. As soon as the power came back on the alarm started to go off but the screen for the keypad wasn’t on so we can’t shut off thhe alarm. How do we go about turning off the alarm...
  9. J

    Texecom Premier Elite 48

    Good evening, Could I please have some help wiring a Texecom Impaq Plus with Contact, Ideally I'd like to wire the reed and vibration to two separate zones on the 48 to aid fault finding, in the unit I have; | Alarm | Alarm | Tamp | Tamp | Latch | Reed | Reed | I know I have to use resistors...
  10. M

    Wireless alarms

    Hello all, I'm looking at installing a wireless alarm, I know a wired version is better but its just not convenient for me to start lifting carpets and floorboards hence the wireless choice. I'm not looking to install a cheap system, I just want a good one. The three I have read most about...
  11. A

    Accenta G4 - defunct?

    Hello there, sorry, DIY novice with very little experience here so please excuse my stupid question! I was wondering whether I could get an opinion on an Accenta G4 alarm and its probable state of activation... I moved into a flat fittend with an Accenta Mini GEN4 with LCD Keypad system with...