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    Grant Oil Combi Boiler Hot Water Efficiency

    Hi, We have just had a grant vortex oil combi boiler installed and we have two options to heat our hot water; we can have the water on continuously which will keep the very small water reserve in the boiler at a certain temperature. Or we can have the hot water off and then just boost it when...
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    really weird alarm problem??

    hi everyone i have a scantronic i-on40 in part set mode with the following zones configured: zone 17 - hall PIR (final exit) zone 18 - lounge PIR (normal alarm) zone 19 - garage PIR (normal alarm) zone 20 - front door contact (final exit) zone 21 - back door contact (normal alarm) i only use...
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    Chasing radiator pipe into wall - How do I correct set up the distance

    I`m on the process to chase some wall to hide radiator pipe. taking as sample a 600x1200mm radiator and I believe setting it out at 150mm height from floor. How far the pipe will be from the radiator considering valve width ect etc? is there any standard measure for it? Many Thanks
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    Galaxy Flex fault when setting alarm

    Hi, i Installed a new Galaxy Flex 20 with mk8 keypad and a couple of RF zones. Had some previous issue with the tampers and low battery in a few PIRs but that has been sorted now. I have a new 7.2Ah battery fully charged. Problem is when I set the alarm I get this "ALERT-BATT LOW", ent=CONTINUE...
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    Setting 3rd on/off time

    Hi all, This seems like a friendly forum so I thought I'd give it a go. I've just had my gas boiler replaced and had a Siemens RWB 1007 timer installed as part of the installation which works fine except that I can't set a third on/off time. I've called Siemens, but their recorded message told...
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    strange problem setting alarm - please help! :)

    hi everyone i've got a problem with my alarm which i've put up with for the past few years, but now it's really starting to annoy me! it's a scantronic i-on 40. i've got 2 door contacts and 3 x PIRs. the keypad is in a cupboard in the hall, which is protected by one of the PIRs. it's...
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    9448 alarm, walk in time

    I just moved in to a property that has the 9448 alarm installed. It seems to be working properly, arming the alarm when leaving, but when re-entering the house, I have basically no time to disarm the alarm and both internal and external bells go off. The alarm panel is basically 1 meter away...