1. Master321

    Combining Rainwater with greywater

    Hi, I am planning to swap the location of my kitchen and dining room and the best route for the greywater would be into existing rainwater gulleys - with a short extension. It is a house from the early 30s so the rain and soil pipe already combine before entering a combined sewer running...
  2. Z

    suggest fitting(s) for redirecting soil pipe flow

    I was wondering if someone might be able to recommend some fittings for our drain. Pictures below. We need a fitting (or several) to add a bend and redirect waste towards the main sewer. We had a loft conversion done a little while ago and they re-used the iron vent pipe to direct waste down to...
  3. T

    Cracked Gully Pot replacement

    Good Evening all, I have started to have a go at replacing a cracked Gully pot, and having exposed the pipework want to take a pause and just double check my next steps are going to be OK. So, for reference: This picture shows: Left hand small pipe - Something dodgily put a drain run that...
  4. G

    soil pipe smell (internal)

    Hi all, I seem to have a problem with the smell of sewage in my house and I believe it's from the soil pipe that runs internal into the house. The downstairs toilet is connected to this and the en suite is directly above it connecting to the same soil pipe. I used some insulation around where...
  5. K

    Garden office plumbing questions

    I'm planning on building a garden office in place of the current shed. It will be at the back of the garden, ~ 40 metres from the house, and have a toilet, electric shower and washbasin. From what I've gathered, for water supply I can use 25mm blue MDPE and this needs to be buried underground...
  6. N

    Replacement Septic Tank Building Regs + Drainage

    Hello, I am in the process of buying a house which has an old septic tank. The vendor doesn't know anything about it at all (so older than the 15yrs they have lived there), and they don't know where it drains to. They claim it works without problem, and is emptied once a year. I will be...
  7. M

    Build Over Agreement

    Does anyone know where I can get a sample of a Build Over Agreement? A Build Over Agreement when building over sewerage
  8. T

    Dog leg in Soil Vent Pipe

    hi there. I've just purchased a house. It has an internal soil stack which passes vertically through the house and emerges through the flat roof whereupon it vents. Currently, the bathroom is on the top floor and the waste connects directly into that soil stack (which is boxed in). I want...