sliding door

  1. G

    Hanging a door on Sliding rail kit

    I bought one of those sliding door kits so I could replace a curtain with a door that I can slide out of the way rather than hang the door and lose some space. I need to put a batten up first as the holes do not marry up on the door frames. In the pic attached I've drawn in the batten (wont be...
  2. J

    Would you recommend a sail shade here?

    We're having the garden landscaped at the moment and as it faces south west, we get a lot of sun through the kitchen/patio doors...although not when this pic was taken: While we have internal blinds, the heat gain/glare is still quite annoying so I'm looking at a number of options to shade...
  3. M

    Does anyone sell pocket door framing - without runners

    I'm installing a pocket door based on a sliding metal door that comes with the runners and top rail etc included. If I built the wall from normal studwork, it seems the thinneest is would end up is 48mm either side of the door pocket. Plenty of firms sell pocket door systems that are much more...
  4. N

    Patio sliding door advise needed - pls help

    Hi All, Need expert advice. I would like to go ahead with the Patio Sliding door. The door's overall size is 5960 (W) X 2090 (H) and going with 4 panels, 2 fixed (right & left) two can slide (left one and right one), See the attached image please. I am not knowledgeable about windows and...
  5. M

    Sliding door, trioving lock, key stuck in lock.

    I’ve a sliding door that refuses to let go of the Key on the outside. I can lock/unlock the door, but can’t remove the key. The lock is a Assa Abloy TrioVing, with a thumb turn on the inside. Im not familiar with this type of lock, and was wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions...
  6. leejenson

    Sliding door roller runners - I can't find

    Hi Community, Could you help me find some sliding door rollers runner wheels please? I can find lots of runners with vertical wheels, but these are horizontal, and I can't find them anywhere. Or, just the rubber rings would do, they seem to come off, I could possible replace just the rubber...
  7. eveares

    Internal Glass to Glass Door Lock, accessible from both sides?

    Does anyone know of a lock like the one linked below, except that has both sides of the lock connected together for use in a office with a glass to glass sliding door? One side being a key and the other side being a thumb turn...
  8. Xanthiee

    Sliding door won’t open.

    Hiii, So I have a sliding patio door that is stuck closed. The key is turning freely to unlock it but the lever to unlock it is stuck down and will not budge. Helppppp
  9. bettz1

    Sliding patio door won't lock

    Hi my parents have gone away and I've noticed there patio door doesn't lock.My sister's staying in the house and is naturally a little scared. I'm not sure now if the lever locks when it's down or supposed to lock when the levers up. We slide the door shut the key will turn ok but doesn't seem...
  10. M

    Sliding Door Step Trim

    We have a sliding patio door which I have looked all over and cannot find any kind of branding. The doorstep trim (see photo) is very tatty. It a black plastic section which clips into some aluminium track underneath. I have spent most of the morning Googling and cannot find anything similar...
  11. O

    Sliding door lock

    What it says- refurbing the bathroom which is tiny so sliding door is the only option (apart from a bifold, which would have similar issues) I need some means of securing the door that ideally can be released from outside (with a screwdriver or other tool in case of emergency), that doesn't...