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    Best option for swapping halogen spotlights for LED

    Evening all, I'm a bit behind in the world of LED lighting as before having a baby earlier this year, we didn't really use the main lights very often. However, the existing halogen spotlights are now getting a lot more use (and some of the transformers have died) so I think it's time to look...
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    Outdoor LED seciruty light needs extending

    Hi, Just going to buy a typical 30w LED security spotlight (off amazon) with PIR, mains power. But the cable isnt long enough so i need to extend it. but i dont know what cable i should get? Ive seen a few different lights, some are 2 core, some are 3 core (according to the pictures). Is two...
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    Seized bathroom spotlight

    Hi all We have a couple of spot lights in our bathroom that are either on but very dim or go on for a second or two, before going out. Bulbs are clearly working, but I think there must be some loose wires or something which is causing them to go. Not on a dimmer switch. Have tried to unscrew...
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    Changing the bulb on this recessed spotlight

    Hi, A few of my spotlights have started flickering so I'm trying to change them. The spotlight didn't have a spring retaining clip around the bulb but I was able to pry out the spotlight from the ceiling with a flat screwdriver. Problem is, I'm now having a bit of a difficult time working out...
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    Lighting problem, ceiling spot lights

    Hello and thank you for reading this message. In a kitchen ceiling there are normal recessed spot lights. They're about 15 years old. Here is a link to a photo looking up through the ceiling finisher into the light unit. Some...
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    Led spotlights

    Hi, I am having some renovation work done and I'd like to install some led spotlights in the kitchen and bathroom, I've read that the gu10 led bulbs get very hot and I'd like to avoid that. So I was wondering if you can recommend me some recessed led spotlights. Thanks
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    spotlights die too often

    I have a bunch of spotlights in the kitchen that I access from the loft. The problem is they die unreasonably frequently, and much more often than other (different type) spotlights elsewhere in house. I think they are these ones but certainly very similar, with 14W 12V markings. I have taken...
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    LED replacement bulbs too dim

    In our kitchen we have 8 concealed down-lighters in the ceiling – each with a Reflekto 185051 clear 36degree 2700K 12v 50watt halogen bulb (which are 45mm long). I am keen to replace these with an LED equivalent – but one which hopefully gives a light which is as similar to what exists as...
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    Installing an LED transformer

    I had a couple of transformers go on halogen spotlights. I'm the in the process of switching to LEDs so I bought LED transformers instead. The old transformers had a blue and brown wire on the input AC side which were connected directly to the same colour mains wires in the connection box...