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    3 port motorised valve should move 90 degrees or 180 degrees?

    Hi Following a faulty actuator on a Sunvic 3 port value SDMV2304, I was advised that a compatible replacement actuator is the Danfoss HSA3 (also backed up by - see page 18). However the Danfoss HSA3 only seems moves the spindle through 90...
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    Horstmann 425 to Hive

    Hello, I’ve just moved house and found myself with a Ideal Mexico Super ideal C125 boiler, Horstmann 425 control and Sunvic thermostat. I’d like to replace the control for a hive but need some assistance with the wiring please. I’ve attached a couple of pictures. Thanks in advance! David
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    How do I find out what type of thermostat I have

    I currently have underflooring heating, however the individual room thermostats are very old and have the bimetal side dial feature. I am wanting to see if it's possible to upgrade the thermostats to a more mordern, digital one. Although, I'm not sure the model of the exisiting thermostats. All...
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    Sunvic to Netatmo Thermostat

    We are in the process of moving house and currently have a Netatmo thermostat along with a bunch of radiator valves. Our new home has Oil central heating and hot water. There are two thermostats - One in the hall way and the other next to the boiler(which is in the garage).20201223_132521 by...
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    Replacing Sunvic TLX 7501

    Hi there, Second post in 11 years and boiler related... Couple of days ago I noticed the display on 7501 had gone off and heating permanently on, so went and got some more bats and was about to install when I noticed there was some corrosion residue. So I popped it of the wall and saw that...
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    Change Thermostat - Sunvic TLX9201 to Salus RT300

    Hi, I want to change my room thermostat from Sunvic TLX9201 to Salus RT300 but want to check the wiring before I do so. There are currently four wires coming out the wall. Blue + 2x Brown connected to the thermostat and the Green/Yellow connected to the back box. Can someone help me confirm...
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    Modifying heating switch

    I have an installation with Sunvic TLX RFP but one of the receivers (2 zone system) has failed. The Rx has 3 connections, L,N and output which goes to a zone valve (and via that to boiler). I may have bought the wrong replacement. It's receiver has 5 connections as you can see from diagram...
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    Sunvic TLX RFP replacement

    I have an installation with TLX RFP but one of the receivers (2 zone system) has failed. The Rx has 3 connections, L,N and output which goes to a zone valve (and via that to boiler). I may have bought the wrong replacement which is TLX 6001RFPv. It's receiver has 5 connections as you can see...
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    Quiet motorised zone valves - do they exist?

    Hi Read the forum loads in the past but first time posting... I've just had 2 Sunvic motorised zone valves fitted to control my new heating. One controls the under-floor in the living room, the other the rads in the rest of the house. The motors driving the valves to open / close make a...
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    Please help me to replace a SUNVIC TLX2259 with SALUS RT500RF

    Hi guys, Its my first time here and its great to see the amount of information you can find just by browsing DIYNOT. I've been reading a lot about the problem that i am facing and i've seen there were very close to similar posts on here but nothing was like mine, at least i could not find it...
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    Heating Programmer and Programmable Room Thermostat

    I am after some advice - my Central Heating has a Sunvic 207xls 2 ch programmer installed as well as a Programmable Room Thermostat in the hall downstairs. Can anyone offer any advice on the best practice for setting these items up to maintain efficiency on my system. I currently have the...