1. S

    Refinish Dining Table

    I have this dineing table which we've had for about 30 years. It has a significant amount of damage to it. Mainly clouding from hot items being placed on the surface, some small chips - probably from being moved a couple of times - and tape residue. The table is expandable so to keep it from...
  2. GieterDunn

    2-axis xy stage alternatives?

    I am looking for a solution to having 2 axis xy motion and rotation about the z axis. The idea is to move a 30-40 pound optical device into a certain x-y position then lock it in place. A stage is great for precision but it is hard to make coarse adjustments quickly. Some ideas I came up...
  3. T

    Making tables from quartz offcuts - how to attach legs

    After our kitchen worktop is installed I expect to have a couple of offcuts of marble style quartz. Rather than waste it, we have asked the fabricators to polish 3 edges and give us the offcuts - each of which are 900mm by 300mm I would like to convert these to hallway tables that sit against a...
  4. J

    Bench saw stopped working. How to fix it

    I have a table saw which has stopped working.smoked once from the relay. Now if I try to restart it. Motor goes very slow if switched kept pressed in otherwise if just pushed motor goes for a second and stops. Can the relay be repaired or need to be replaced? I have attached photos of the...
  5. B

    Pine Table - Broken Fixing

    Pine dressing table and one of the legs was wobbly. There’s a bracket/fixing/whatever that holds each leg in place, and one of them has broken. See photos below. The square bit screws to the underside of a lower shelf and the round end fits into a hole in the table leg. Is this some kind of...
  6. D

    Cutting aluminium sheet on a table saw

    Hi. Searching the internet I see various YouTube posts where cutting of aluminium sheet is demonstrated. So, my understand is that if the execution of arrangments to cut aluminium is satisfactory, cutting aluminium on a table saw made for cutting wood is acceptable. What I get from looking at...
  7. bettz1

    Best way to fill a crack in a table

    Looking at ideas in how to fill the crack in our table? We've tried cramps but the top won't move at all Wood filler? We're going to sand and revarnish the top afterwards but worried we'll be left with a noticeable line
  8. bettz1

    Anyone know what was used on this table?

    We've sanded down our table due to it having a few marks and im stuck as to what to do next. I'm not sure what was used previous, the table felt smooth and had to be sanded down as we spilt nail Polish remover on it.The 2 benches are in perfect condition and if I can get away with just painting...
  9. D

    DIY Fire pit table similar to this....

    Hello guys, I'm thinking of creating my own fire pit table for all family to enjoy. Is it possible to create something similar to the images below? If so, what would you recommend that I'd need?
  10. M

    Record Power RPR60T Router Table Review

    Has anyone got or have any experience with with the above router table? I can't find any reviews and very little information about it I have seen a few for around the £150 mark.