1. C

    Who/How can this be repaired? Telephone box on house

    Hi guys I've tried Virgin and I've tried BT - both hung up on me when my request didn't fit a script they had in front of them (honestly!). So, birds must have gotten to the box that usually terminates the phone line to a house, as the box is no more and the wires are all over the place. Can...
  2. W

    Voip and Superfast Sky Fibre

    Hi people,just had Sky Superfast Fibre installed, and I now can only use a phone plugged into Sky Router (Voip)..I was told I could use my current phone BUT it is a two handset that needs to be plugged in ,I have plugged it into electric socket and connected it to phone socket on router (as...
  3. ScottP

    GDX5 Video telephone

    Hi all, just bought a 9 year old property with a GDX5 video telephone, it works but there is no video, and the handset is very quiet, while the ringer would wake the dead. People can hear me, but I can hardly hear them at all. And we jump out of our skin when it rings. Can anyone help with what...
  4. Learning stuff

    Intercom help - voice issue - entrotec

    Looking for some help from the community.... I have an entrotec council intercom system and its mostly working but from the street you can't hear what's being said in the flat. Looking for some advice for things I could test / replace. To clarify a few things... It's an entrotec system. I...
  5. A

    Running ducting for Virgin Media phone / TV line

    I'm going to be getting virgin media installed in the near future and am currently undergoing a fair bit of building work in my house so want to take the opportunity to have the new internal sockets fitted in the best possible location for myself, rather than wherever is easiest for the...
  6. eveares

    Master telephone Socket or Normal telephone extension socket?

    So my Auntie has moved into her new bungalow and had her fibre broadband (BT Infinity) set up the other day. Unless I am mistaken, below looks like an extension telephone socket. Can anyone confirm that this is an extension socket? So far, this is the only telephone socket she can find. Also...
  7. A

    Urmet 730 Handset Help

    I wondered please if anyone could help. I'd like to replace my Urmet 730 handset. I can't stand the noise it makes, it's so loud and really makes me jump when it goes off. Does anybody know if this can be replaced with a handset that has volume control or gives out a different tone altogether...
  8. J

    Broadband and Telephone - separately wired into house.

    An older installation has an old connection box inside the house with 1 incoming common cable, from B.T.'s outside pole. There are then 2 separate cables from this connection box, 1 is to an old, extension plate for broadband and another adjacent, old extension plate for the telephone. There is...
  9. eveares

    Are 25mm grid modules a standard size - Will TLC's grid modules fit Screwfix's faceplates?

    Will this module into this face plate? In other words, are grid modules all a standard size. Regards: Elliott.
  10. I

    New build telephone cable costs

    I need to put in an underground telephone cable from a new build house. The distance from house to road up our private drive is approx 35m. The telegraph pole with the main line is approx 4m from our drive entrance. I'm planning on getting my own ducting grey plastic and the electric guys are...
  11. J

    Broadband connection problem - only works via test socket

    Hi I'm a novice here, so please bear with me...I'll try to give as much info as possible. My (fibre) internet connection stopped suddenly a few days ago - with the router connected to a telephone extension upstairs (via a filter). I don't think anyone's touched anything. Router connected to...
  12. R

    External BT junction box

    I recently cut back a hedge at the boundary of my property and uncovered this BT-branded junction box: The reason it has a cut black wire coming out of it is, I think, because this house used to be the show home for the development (15 years ago), and there was an office in the garage during...
  13. G

    Just moved - BT wiring question

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I've just moved into a small flat. I'm due to have the phone/broadband installed next week. Apparently the service will just be 'activated' so no engineer will call. I am trying to make sense of the existing BT sockets. There is a double...
  14. I

    Upgrading telephone lines

    Hi I'm thinking of carrying out an upgrade on the internal telephone wiring in my flat. At the present moment, the line (provided by Sky) comes into the property to what looks like quite an old master socket which is located in our second bedroom. It then branches off to the hall (2 sockets)...