1. D

    Chimney leak in a new roof...please help

    I've had a complete reroof done (new membrane, same tiles, new guttering, a few rafters reinforced and a new render around chimneys). I did that as a preventative measure as the roof membrane was very old, but had no leaks. 3 months after the roof was done a serious leak developed on the top of...
  2. Y

    Maintenance responsibility second storey

    Hi, I live in a mid terrace property. At some point the owners of the house next to us build a second story rear extension acoss the entire of their property (this was before we moved into our property). The extension is on what would have been the kitchen at the time and as a result their...
  3. O

    How thick are my party walls

    I am trying to ascertain thickness of the party walls. The house is a 1910 built Edwardian Terrace. The external walls are an early cavity type with brick walls inner and solid stone on the outside of the property. The only place I can examine the party wall brickwork is the loft and bathroom...
  4. T

    Cracked Lintel Advice

    Hi I have a terraced house and the lintel above the front entrance door has cracked and dropped. I am struggling locally to get a replacement. I have been told I can have a cast done but it wouldnt be load bearing and would require a catnic lintel in first and then put the decorative cast on...
  5. Rageyboy91

    Balanced flu on mid terrace

    Hey guys, I have a mid terrace property and wanted a gas fire inset, I've heard conventional chimneys can increase radon levels and wondered if any solutions exist to convert a conventional chimney into a vertical balanced flu. In my head this sounds abit impossible/ impractical but wondered...
  6. K

    1900s Terraced style house, roof problems

    I live in a 1900s terraced style house, it is joined back to back as opposed to having neighbours either side, meaning it has two gable walls. The house is a peculiar shape and on the right hand side it widens towards the back, from a Birdseye view it forms a trapezium. The roof features Roman...
  7. C

    Repair to external architrave

    I am looking to repair the external architrave to my front door. Its my last attempt before ripping out and replacing with a composite (which I would really, rather not do) and im hoping that I can repair, rather than replace the architrave. I have my wet rott hardner and epoxy exterior wood...
  8. B

    Damp in party wall - please help!

    Thank you in advance for any help. We bought a 1906 terraced house last year. There was a small amount of damp but the property had been empty for quite a while so we assumed it would dry out. Over the the winter, we used a dehumidifier and had the heating on and the walls dried out...
  9. H

    Inverted dormer planning required?

    Hi all, I was hoping someone here may be able to shed some light on whether an inverted dormer could be installed under permitted development? I am not in a conservation area and a normal projecting dormer is ok under permitted development here (north east Somerset) but I have seen some...