texecom connect

  1. G

    Simple Texecom connect recipe/timer question

    Hi, I have a texecom connect app controlled system, with 2 pir sensors and 3 door sensors. Arms as one whole system only. My question is, is it possible to set the system to arm automatically at a given time, (say 10pm) everyday if I or a member of staff has forgotten to arm before going...
  2. G

    Texecom Connect V2 logged out

    Hello, I use the Texecom Connect V2 app on iOS and for some reason the app randomly closes itself and seemed to log me out. Normally I just log in via Face ID, but now the app is asking for my email address and password. The app isn’t recognising my email address for some reason, and if I click...
  3. Skylar

    Texecom Connect SmartCom Setup Issue - Premier Elite 64-W

    Hi all I bought a Texecom Premier Elite 64-W system to install myself and specifically chose Texecom for their SmartCom and app functionality. It appears V1 of the Texecom Connect app is being retired and possibly already disabled for new registrations, as I receive an "Access to this system...
  4. butako123

    Texecom Connect App does not Disarm internal sounders

    Hello, I have a Texecom Elite 64W with a Smartcom, I have internal sounders connected to the panel outputs. When the alarm is triggered and I attempt to disarm from the Connect App the external bell will stop but the internal sounders do not. The app says the system is "Disarmed" but the panel...
  5. J

    Texecom Connect - ACK Failed

    Hi, I'm setting up my texecom connect via the Texecom keypad. After linking up Com 1 & Com 2, I am trying to get the Texecom Connect App Code via the keypad. When trying to enable Texecom Connect, I get the following error message on the keypad; ACK Failed Call Terminated Any ideas? The...
  6. NoraNelly

    Texecom Elite 24 App detected someone that would normally prevent it from setting. How do I resolve?

    Alarm working fine until evening set time. Error showing app detected there is something that would normally prevent it from arming. all sensors are showing green on the app if that means anything and the lights are on in every room. What else can I try?
  7. S

    texecom connect app

    Hi All new to this forum so be gentle! I have a texecom elite64 and connect to it with the app. it pretty much works as planned but when arming/disarming with fob , although I do get a push notification, it doesn't tell me which fob was responsible. the keypad shows the appropriate name when...
  8. M

    Texecom Connect Smartcom problem

    Hi, I've been having lots of problems setting up my Texecom Connect Smartcom. Some of them were caused by a problematic Vodafone router... but not I'm having a problem getting the app code. I was able to get past "no carrier" messages using this help sheet...