1. S

    Garage/workshop flat roof options - Joist hangers or wall plate?

    Hi All I am planning ahead in regards to my flat roof for the garage. It is completely isolated in the garden and there are no walls on either side to use the bolted wall plate. The builder is in process of laying the block work sometimes this week. I have watched EPDM videos on youtube and it...
  2. J

    How to stop joint timber from cracking due of temperature change

    I know it may have been the worst job a carpenter has made to my house. Got old stair post clad with 10mm timber and gaps was filled with filler. This keep cracking when season change and temperature in the house rise. Would be good to open the gap between the 2 timber and fill it with...
  3. R

    How to raise level of loft boards?

    So I want to add insulation and then board over it - the joists are already 170mm deep so I only need another 100mm insulation. There’s not much headspace and loft legs are too long. I was thinking of running some timber around 125mm x 45mm across the existing joists which are 170mm x 45mm, so...
  4. J

    Summer house/ workshop with C16 timber instead of c24 any good?

    Due of timber cost going mad day by day I was thinking to use c16 4x2 timber to make a garden summer house/ workshop in conjunction with 18mm plywood. Would you use c16 as main structure for the walls and what is the real cons against the c24? Thanks
  5. M

    Rotten porch oak pillar

    Hello any advise on how to repair those pillar's and prevent future damage ? they are solid oak but are rotting from the bottom up. I was thinking of putting some acrow's then cutting the pillars where the rot is and dig up a hole and fill with concrete and use something like this ? there's...
  6. T

    Building a Veranda / Patio Cover Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am looking at building a timber lean to veranda / patio cover down the side of my house and was hoping that I could get a bit of advice on how to do it. The span is going to be roughly 2.7m wide by 6m long with a roof at 15 degrees. The whole thing will be painted with...
  7. oursurveysaid

    Ply Underneath Aluminium Fascias

    I'm about to fit a couple of bespoke aluminium fascias to my extension, replacing the rotten plywood and timber mess left by the builder. My question is: what should I do to the new plywood I'll be installing, which will then be clad in the aluminium? Can it just be primed or sealed, or does it...
  8. A

    Damp patch on new plaster

    Hi all, From the pictures you may be able to see that I had heavily damaged plaster and a damp patch on the right hand side of my wall. After investigation, it was realised that poor guttering had led to water contact with the brick and it had eroded the external brickwork. This was then...
  9. L

    C24 Timber Shakes

    I've got a workshop on the go and unfortunately didnt check the timber that arrived at the time as I should have done! It's for my workshop and so not overly worried about the shakes and imperfections as they dont go all the way through. I just wanted other chippies opinions, is this typical of...
  10. Hedi

    Timber Cladding

    Hi All, I bought a timber cladding house which built in 1920. My neighbors and the previous owner also claim that they never need to replace any timbers, just paint over it. But then I look at tje current stage of the wall, I am not quite sure does it needs replacement to all or just a few...
  11. D

    I'm an idiot. Timber decking laid without gaps. Help!

    I know this is bad. Really bad. I'm a grade-A idiot. Hopefully the worst DIY mistake I ever make. I just got done laying 6m x 4.8m of decking onto joists without leaving gaps between. I put three nails in each board - one either side and one in the middle. The nails are ring shank, I think. I...
  12. B

    Roof Truss Design - unusual - Building Control

    Hello In the attached photo is a roof truss I think I need on my garage, that I wish to build. It's of a slight unconventional design it seems. I was just wondering if something like that will be passed by building control? I was also thinking that, would they a support to be added that is...
  13. SS-ProjectBuild

    Flat Roof Structure...what nails to use?

    Hi Guys, I will be attempting to frame my own 100sqm flat roof my self! Will be using 9x3 timber all round.... what type of nails and sizes do you suggest fo this size timber? I will also be creating a trimmer for part of the roof...what is the best way to bond the 2 timbers....nails or bolts...
  14. SS-ProjectBuild

    Flat Roof - Joist Sizes help [Diagram]

    Hi Guys, Looking at the attached plan... with the joists running left to right.... which joist size would be suitable: 1) 8x2 2) 8x3 3) 9x3 The internal walls are solid block and load bearing
  15. A

    How to replace a rotted timber door sill?

    I have a hardwood timber door sill that has rotted away. Not sure how it's rotted so bad. How do I fit a new door sill? If I slide it in beneath the door jams, how do I secure it in place? The old one appears to have been nailed to the door jambs - the rusty nails can still be seen protruding...
  16. J

    False wall bathroom for toilet. How to do it?

    I have to build a 1m height false wall to hide the toilet cistern. I only got 200mm. How would you place your 4x2?
  17. D

    Bouncing Floor Joists

    Hi, All my floor joist bounce but after recently rearranging my bedroom the joist next the wall is now getting walked on more and is bouncing. I have tried glueing and screwing plywood to it but no joy. There is a 60mm gap between the joist and the wall, the joist is over a patio door. See...
  18. J

    How to deal with timber completely uneven. Getting mad

    I understand materials during lockdown has been in shortage but what I got delivered is awful. Trying to make a very small wall but when doing nothing the stud does not align and this is causing me a lot of headaches. I have attached photos. What do you do in this case. Do I made some...
  19. R

    Summer house help

    Hi all. Im planning on building a summer house at the bottom of the garden but it’s going to be quite large approx 7m wide x 5m deep. An the wife has now decided that she wants a apex tiled roof on top. I was just wondering would this be possible on a timber frame an if so what timber would be...
  20. A

    Pergola anchored in tall planters

    Hi, is it possible/safe to screw 4 tall planters to decking and concrete in posts for a pergola? Said pergola will be approx 2.5x4 & 2.5 tall.