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    Replace 2-way light switches with timer switches

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to replace 2 2-way light switches (one in our hall and the other on the landing) with timer switches, so that they turn off automatically after a set period of time if they aren't manually switched off. I've seen the Elkay range of touch timers (links below) but I'm...
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    Honeywell THR860S timer problem

    I have this timer; I turned the power to the CH system off while troubleshooting a stuck 3-position valve (motor going). When I turned it back on the timer was completely dead - blank screen, no backlight, buttons not doing anything, both relays in off position. I took the cover off and found...
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    Baumatic timer module

    hi, I have a Baumatic B724SS-A double oven and the timer module has gone faulty. It stopped working, with the display completely blank, and in that state disabled the oven entirely. I switched off the mains, took the oven out and checked the look of the connections etc and everything seemed...
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    Worcester greenstar r1 intermittent firing

    Hoping someone can help me solve an ongoing mystery of why my boiler sometimes fires up and sometimes doesn't... Worcester greenstar r1 boiler with an towerchron qe2 timer..it used to work fine, and respond reliably to the programmer but now only sometimes....why???!!! Having read various...
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    Timer for economy 7 Water heater

    Hello, I have a problem with an E7 water heater which means there is no longer the option to have both peak and off peak feeds connected to the element - the tank was replaced with one with only one element but the previous one had two. So at the moment, I have chosen to connect the peak feed...
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    Double Switch to Timer

    Hi, I've been having a browse but struggling to find help on here to match my situation. I should say up front that for some reason in my area there doesn't seem to be any sparks that just want to change a switch...well not at least in the next 4-6 weeks! Anyway, to explain, I have a two gang...
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    Vaillant boiler timer

    Can anyone please help. I'm brand new to this forum so please bear with me. I have moved house and there's a vaillant ecotech pro 28 boiler with the old style (hands and pins) clock dial. It seems the clock is running slow and losing around 30 mins per day. What can I do please?