1. S

    New to Gardening

    The hedge between mine and my neighbours front garden does not appear to have even foliage. A part of it is "woody" Please see two pictures below My neighbour says this is a tree and suggested cutting it down however, this will leave a large gap in the hedge How do I get rid of the tree and...
  2. T

    Trimming trees

    Hi all, I feel this is something of a dim question, but bear with me... I have a selection of trees that I trim periodically, I have been using an old hedge trimmer that I had from a previous house for this, it's okay, struggles a bit on thicker branches and doesn't quite have a long enough...
  3. L

    Potential tree issues

    Hello, Looking for some advice on what I can do with this tree in the front. I’ve been told it needs a bigger stake, to grow straighter. I’ve also been told it needs removing completely as the roots will pull the pavement up etc Thiughts?
  4. G

    Hawthorn - affect foundation depth

    Hello All, I have started to build my outbuilding/workshop as of last week. Cleared and plotted the ground out then called the BCO. There is a hawthorn 1.5m away from the foundation of the building so had to dig 2.5m down which I found takes a certain knack to dig. As I am coming away from the...
  5. cwhaley

    Using tree branches

    I felled an Ash tree and an Apple tree at the weekend - they went down like Fred Dibnah's chimneys. Not a fan of removing them if it can be helped, but they were in an awkward spot and it would be difficult to prune/maintain over the years especially as they grew in size. I chipped the brash up...
  6. B

    Conifer Tree Stump Removals

    Hi I have about 10 or so leftover conifer tree stumps that need removing due to a driveway going in. They have been killed off by using tree stump killer a year ago, do conifer tree roots go down deep? From what I hear the roots tend not to spread out to far. Any advice much appreciated!
  7. M

    Stair cracks in brick

    Hi all, Have knocked off all the plaster in the first floor back bedroom of my Victorian semi, to reveal a couple of runs of stair cracks where the bricks have shifted. Obviously these could have been there for decades, so I'm not sure it's anything to worry about. As to ground conditions...