1. L

    Trianco TRO 15/19 MK3

    Hello there, Thanks for reading this - As the title suggests, I have a Trianco TRO 15/19 oil fired boiler, which has currently stopped working. The boiler has come to a complete stop, normally there is a green light to indicate mains supply and then when I switch the programmer to turn on...
  2. Stan21

    Trianco coal boiler

    I have a Trianco TRG45 gravity feed boiler. Its been working fine but now goes out regularly!!! It does not boost back up to full burning from slumber. If the boiler has been on slumber due to the water being at temperature when a call for heat is made the burn will not boost up again. A few...
  3. D

    Boiler Flue gaps

    Hi there, My trianco Eurostar boiler flue has some slight gaps around it. I'm guessing these should be sealed? I have attached an image where you can see a slight gap around the flue 1-2 mm wide. I'm considering using fire cement to seal this gap? Thanks in advance
  4. N

    Trianco Contractor Combi 110 HE not firing

    Hello, We had a leak inside the boiler (now fixed) but since then the boiler will not fire up. The boiler fan will start but I do not hear the normal whoosh noise I would expect. I took the red plastic cover from the burner and there is no visible sign of water ingress, so I am not sure what...
  5. D

    Trianco Eurostar Flue

    Hi, Does anyone know if the Eurostar 90 requires a flue specifically for that boiler, or if a generic flue of the same dimensions would suffice? Proving to be tricky to source a flue for this old boiler. So far have found this one...
  6. G

    Oil Boiler Flame cycling

    Hello Oil Boiler Trianco Eurostar Premier 100/125 Condensing boiler. Runs fine for about a minute then flame dies (sounds like the solenoid is closing oil supply) after 7 seconds it fires again and continues running. Fan is running all the while. Cycle repeats until the boiler gets up to...
  7. G

    No hot water when heating is on

    Hi all, I have a Trianco Eurostar combi 65. When the heating is on, I am unable to get hot water. If I set the thermostat to low temp to turn heating off I can hear the CH valve turn to hot water and it comes through. What’s the issue here? I am getting 230v on terminal 2 when the tap is...