upvc window

  1. dave3681

    uPVC window jammed by loose screw in bottom rail

    Hello, My uPVC window has suddenly become jammed. The lock mechanisms seem to slide out of, and the window opens about half a cm, and then seems to jam in the centre area below the handle (where there are no locking mechanisims). I have used an allen key and figured out that the locking...
  2. K

    Unable to close UPVC window

    I'm unable to close bathroom window. I'm attaching two pictures, There is more gap on the lest is more, problem is on the left side. It looks like frame has come off a bit from the wall and while closing the window the metal thing is not going into the green plastic, that is preventing from...
  3. Q

    Perfect Fit Conservatory window blinds

    Hi. A few years a go I purchased window blinds using the perfect fit mechanism where they 'slot' in behind the rubber seal in UPVC windows. They've been in for nearly 5 years now but the seals in a few of the windows have stretched or something and the blinds are not flush to the top of the...
  4. P

    UPVC Window dropped

    I have a large UPVC window that opens from the bottom. It is well over 10 years old. Recently the bottom edge of the opening window is catching on the frame when closing. So it appears to have dropped a few mms. I read elsewhere that I could loosen the 4 screws on each side, move the window up...
  5. J

    UPVC window handle screws

    Hello friends I am having a nightmare with the upvc window handle replacement I have one side normal Philip screw which is fine however the other screw is completely different type I have uploaded picture please help me how to remove this thanks
  6. G

    What do you call this please?

    Hi, can anyone please tell me what this is called please ? I need to get a new one, it holds the window latch. Thanks
  7. S

    Gap between sections of window in curved bay

    Hi I've got a curved bay at the front of the house with upvc window that is in 5 parts, between each part is a vertical tube shaped section to allow the window to curve around the bay. I've uploaded 2 photos to show this. Where each section of window meets the vertical tube section there is some...
  8. H

    replacing upvc internal sill with wood

    Hi there, we've recently moved into a new house - there are some good new-ish upvc windows but the wide upvc trim and internal sills which don't look great so we want to replace them with pine versions. The trim has come out quite easily but it seems like the internal sill is screwed in somehow...
  9. D

    UPVC Frame Repair

    Hi all, in a needs must situation I had to cut to frame to open the broken window (but that's the past). Please could I get some advice on the best way to make good the bit of frame I've cut out as it's the final piece to repair in my bathroom. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. G

    how to remove stuck screw on window handle

    Ive got a philips head screw that is stuck and the head is a bit worn from trying to remove it. I need to remove it to replace a broken upvc window handle. Its hard to get much pressure behind as the window obvs wont lock shut. whats the easiest way to remove it, should I try a thread...
  11. DIYM

    Subsidence or plaster issue

    Hi, I moved into a 12 year old house a couple of years back. Basic survey at the time came back clear. Cracks appeared a year after moving in. I filled the cracks and house was freshly painted at the time but since then cracks have re-appeared in the plaster. All cracks run horizontal from...
  12. G

    Replacing upvc window hinges

    Evening, I've a top hung upvc window which needs the hinges replacing. I've done it before on smaller windows and side hung ones but this is fairly big and on the first floor. A little nervous about unscrewing it and bringing it in to swap the hinges. Looks heavy. Any tips?
  13. A

    What type of silicone to use for UPVc windows

    I have some UPVc windows where the silicone seal around the edges has got mould. Trying to wipe it off doesn't make any difference so I want to know what type of silicone seal do i need to replace it. Is this the same stuff as your standard bathroom silicone seal or is it some special stuff for...
  14. B

    Flush casement uPVC / installation locally in Edinburgh

    Hi, I’m looking to replace domestic timber frames with flush PVC and looking for recommendations. I understand Cityglass can install Rehau (Rio) Edinburghglass seem to install veka (halo) Eurocell (modus) is also local but think I would need to find an installer myself. Anyone have...
  15. bettz1

    Window Lock Broken?

    Hello, 1 of our windows won't lock anymore,the key turns halfway but you can still press the button in to open the window. Is this fixable or is it a case of buying a new handle & lock?
  16. N

    Fitting UPVC Cill, Window Panels and Door for Porch

    Hi Just need some assistant and guidance, I have a 2m x 1m engineering brick base, on which the Cill will sit on top and windows panels and door will sit on top of the cill The top of the door and panels will be a wooden frame for the roof My question is: Do I need to use packers to...
  17. Careful_Bodger

    Metal re-inforcing in uPVC sash window - how far into corner to drill?

    So, if I wanted to add sash jammers or restricters, say, how far does the metal section run into the corner (usually) to ensure the fixings locate into it? I read somewhere that during profile welding, the metal does not run all the way into the corner, which is fair enough, but how far? TIA
  18. D

    UPVC French door water drainage problem

    So it would appear that the manufacturing company have provided the French doors for the Juliet balcony with concealed/bottom drainage holes instead of face drainage holes despite the fact that they knew it was for a Juliet balcony with no seal. The water gets blocked inside The trim...
  19. B

    Sealed UPVC unit upside down

    I'm building a garden house and just realised one of the non opening sealed window units (UPVC to the right of the patio doors) is upside down as the 2 holes to release the water from the drip area are at the top. I know the correct way would be to remove the glass and turn the frame round, but...
  20. Z

    UPVC Hinge Replacement

    Hi I'm in a spot of trouble, last night I opened my window to let some air in but as I've closed the window the hinges jammed and bent. After some research I realise that these hinges aren't expensive or difficult to replace but my questions are which hinges do I get and will the new hinges in...