upvc window

  1. B

    Getting hold of Plastmo bead

    Hiya, I had to use extreme prejudice to remove a bead from a window and left a bunch of unsightly gouges in it, so - if possible - I'd like to replace it. The bead itself has a time and date stamped in it, as well as "6036717 PLASTMO UK BS7413 2002" which I assume is the model number...
  2. J

    I can see daylight between my upvc window and frame

    Hello, Any idea how can this can be fixed ? I get a draft under the window if I look at an angle, I can see thought it. it is a bay window. any advice is appreciated. thank you in advance
  3. Patriq

    Damp plaster at corner of window

    Hi all, Looking for advice on this, unearthed whilst redecorating a 60s-built house I just bought. The new skim has never full gone bright pink in the corner next to one of the uPVC windows. You can just about dry it out, but then when it rains etc... back it comes. I've attached a picture of...
  4. D

    Sealing round new double glazed windows

    Hi, We've just had some new double glazing windows fitted and they look great. They have sealed the left, top and right of the windows with brown sealant but, under the upvc window sill, if you get your head down there and look up, there's a bout a 2-3 mm gap between the bottom of the sill and...
  5. Moyoltd

    Single glazed uPvc window

    Hi everyone, Working on a property (listed council block) which has single glazed upvc windows in some rooms and double glazed in others. Identical windows just the beaiding is wider. Could i get replacement beading for the single unit? Thanks for the help
  6. H

    Gaps between UPVC window sash and frame

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for any advice. I have just recently moved into a new flat and is approx. 11 years old. I noticed a draft coming from one of the window. The gap is approx. 5mm wide and I have put some toilet paper in the gap to try and reduce the draft. The window opens and closed as...
  7. M

    Is a Damp Proof Course DPC required for a new window in a single skin garage wall

    Hello. I am hoping someone can advise me. I am fitting a [Wickes] uPVC window into my garage wall. It is a single skin red brick wall and I have opened up the wall and fitted a lintel. All ok. Question: Do I need to add a Damp Proof Course and, if so, where and how? The DPC at the foot of...
  8. R

    Can trickle vents be retrofitted?

    We have just realised that one of our new UPVC windows was installed without trickle vents, when we did actually order trickle vents for it. I know very little about windows. Is this something the window installer can retrofit, or should a new window be ordered from the factory?
  9. B

    UPVC window not locking as shoot bolts not moving

    Hi I have a UPVC window that does not lock. The handle moves and I can hear clicking behind the handle but she shoot bolts do not move which I assume means they don't engage the locking points and I assume the window pushed open as a result. What is likely to be the issue and is it easy to...
  10. N

    How do I remove Saracen bayonet shootbolts from a window?

    I've been searching on forums, youtube etc, but I haven't seen instructions on how to remove the bayonet part of the shootbolt extensions from a window (These bits). The closest I came was this post (on this forum), and this video (on youtube). Neither tackle the logistics of the mechanism...
  11. S

    Joing UPVC side window to UPVC door frame

    I've installed a new UPVC back door and frame to my back shed with frame fixers and I'm waiting on a re-ordered side window as the supplier got the original measurements for the window 40mm too wide for the opening. What is the best way to fix the side window to the door frame? I was advised to...
  12. A

    Do I replace my 20 year old double glazed windows, or just the misted units?

    Looking for some assistance please. The house we have is about 20 years old, but "new build", we have around 15 windows in total, which are made of wood but do have double glazing units within. I can see the gap between the window pains in the DG unit is small when compare to current...
  13. H

    Replacement Windows

    Please be warned about using Amazon windows and conservatories, based in Fleet. Their windows and doors often do not fully seal. Here is my review of the work they did Sept 2015 which is still not fixed ... > Pros: Sensible prices, apparently - but only if they did the job properly Reasonable...
  14. L

    What is an acceptable gap between the outer edge of a u pvc window frame and brickwork?

    I have noticed that the windows at the front of my house have become very noisy when it is windy. Upon further inspection there seems to be a gap around most of the windows where the silicone has shrunk away approximately 10mm to 15mm. The house is a new build and i have only lived in it for a...